How to Aim in Pool Beginner Guide

By walter white
Nov. 26, 2019

Proper aiming is one of the most vital parts of the pool game. If you can do this well then, your opponent, then you can simply be the winner. However, proper aiming in the pool requires a lot of practice. With appropriate practice and training, you will develop an instinct to aim correctly. Today, we will discuss how you should aim different types of balls to pocket them with accuracy.

How to Aim for Different Types of Shoot

The cue ball will not be in the same position compared to balls you will need to pot. That's why you should know how to aim for different types of shoots, depending on the location balls.

Straight Shot

When the cue ball, the objective ball, and the pocket is in a straight line, you can easily pot the ball with straight soot. The shoot is effortless. All you need to do is aiming at the center of the cue ball so that it can hit the object ball's center for potting. The force of the hit is not that important for the straight shoots. But you will need to put enough power so that the cue ball can make it to the object ball's center.

Slight Cut Shoots

When the ball is cue ball is slightly off from the straight line, you can use the slight cut shoots for potting the ball. Now you will need to target the object ball in slightly left than the center to pot it. You will need to hit the ball with medium power to make it count. Less or much power will take the ball off from the pocket.

Standard Cut Shots

Standard-cut shots require a little bit more concentration and focus than the others. You will find most of the pool balls in this position. To make a standard cut shoot, you will need to target in the edge of the shaft at the right contact point of the object ball. If you need to cut to the right, then you will need to use the right side of the shaft, and for cutting left, you will require using the left side of the shaft.

Thin cut shots

Thin cut shoots are interesting and also require proper focus and concentration. Such shoots are the hardest ones, but you can make them easier by following the given trick. While making a thin cut shoot, imagine a straight line from the edge of the cue ball to the object ball's side. That means the cue ball needs to hit on the opposite edge of the targeted ball. You will need to hit the cue ball with proper power during a thin cut shoot.

In the above, we provided a basic guide on how to aim a pool ball. If you are searching for a more in-depth and definitive guide, then visit , where you will also find related tips, tricks, buying guides, and reviews.

To develop a proper instinct for aiming in the pool, you will require continuous practices. Hopefully, the above pieces for writing will be helpful for you to aim accurately from now on.