4 Tips to Buy the Best Custom Made Gloves

By Angela John
Dec. 03, 2019

If this is your first time in boxing, it may seem like a daunting task to find the right type of custom made gloves. This is particularly true because you do not have any clue about what the best qualities a boxing glove should have. The reality is that there are hundreds of brands and styles out there. There are confusing sizes to choose from among these options.

Custom Boxing Gloves By Infinitude

The right pair of gloves are the most important things you can invest in for your safety. The quality of the gloves somehow affects the quality of your training. Using the wrong quality glove over time will increase your chances of injury. Keep in mind that, the highest quality boxing gloves are essential. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned boxer, knowing the main attributes in a personalized boxing glove can help you become a better athlete.

Here is a short guide on what qualities you should consider for the best customized boxing gloves before you order boxing gloves online.

1. The Material of the Custom made gloves

Most manufacturers using vinyl and leather blends usually create these gloves. The best choice for children and beginners is the vinyl type glove. These are better than leather gloves. The vinyl style gloves often come with Velcro closure, ensuring a secure grip and making gloves easier to wear. The professional gloves you can find in different shops, like Infinitude Fight. Once you are in a position to develop the basic skills, you need more gloves that are durable. Similar to vinyl, leather gloves become the most robust ones and can last for several years. Although they are slightly more expensive than vinyl, since they have a longer life, it is recommendable to use them.

2. The Weight and the Size

The next quality to remember when you settle on the boxing gloves material is the size and weight. Keep in mind that boxing gloves for adults are usually available in weights between 8 oz. and 20 oz. Those spread through the size of small, medium, and big. The medium-sized ones are usually perfect for fitting around women's hands. Practice gloves and sparring gloves typically weigh between 12 oz. and 20 oz. remember that glove weight is often the same as body weight. In this case, for advanced bouts, 10 oz. custom gloves are appropriate. Sparring and training purposes. However, they are appropriate for those weighing 16 oz.

3. They Should Offer a Comfortable Fit

When choosing the customized boxing gloves, you have to make sure it fits your hand perfectly. This means that it should fit tightly on your hand and have no sort of loose inside movement. Keep in mind that for several factors, the fit is important and it could have an effect on the protection of the knuckle and the support of the wrist. Whatever type of glove you choose, always make sure it fits well. Just be careful because choosing a glove with plenty of inner space means the hands have room to move. This is risky because it can make motion possible and trigger a messy feeling.

This will result in missed or incorrect punching in an intense bout. Furthermore, In addition, if your hand moves inside the glove freely, it will result in blistering. This will only hurt your hand and give opponents a better chance at winning.

4. A Secure Closure or Wrist Wrap

Custom made gloves come in Velcro closing options or lace-up style wrists. For training, the Velcro strap is the ideal one that experts recommend. This is also suitable for the practice of sparring and heavy bags. They are best to easily put on and pull off without any need for external help. Such types of gloves, however, will bruise the face or arm of your opponents. You should choose lace-up gloves for professional matches as they fit snugly. This means that there is no chance of slipping. However, you will need help to wear these gloves. It is advisable to check if they have hand wraps or inner gloves before you try the new pair of gloves. Keep in mind that wearing the glove alone will not provide you with proper protection. Inner gloves and hand wraps are materials that absorb shock, which protects against repetitive punches. They also offer a firm fit when wearing them.

Choosing customized boxing gloves is an easy task. Just watch out for these qualities and order boxing gloves online. You are set to take up an intense bout once you find a glove that matches these or offers these qualities. Just make sure you are buying a reliable brand's gloves. Take your time to explore all the options and select the best glove in the boxing world that suits your training or sparring needs!