2016 NFL: Week 10 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Nov. 09, 2016

November 9, 2016 will go down as quite a historic day. There's no doubt that this day will have a huge impact going forward. On this day, November 9, 2016 Spencer Ware was left on the waiver wire for me to claim. I mean, this guy is the Kansas City Chiefs starting RB for the rest of the season and hopefully beyond (keeper league option baby). Anything else of consequence happen today? Like maybe something that would change the world? Eh nothing I can think of. On to the games!

Cleveland Browns At Baltimore Ravens: So I think I have this one figured out. The Ravens jump out to a big lead in which we say "oh the Ravens are finally going to win a game by more than 7" but of course Cody Kessler will be benched or knocked out of the game and that ole Raven killer Josh McCown will lead a comeback that will fall just short as the clock hits zero. (Ravens 27 Browns 20)

Minnesota Vikings At Washington Redskins: The Vikings are in some kind of funk right now. Until they actually get it together I can't in good conscience pick them to beat any semi-decent team                   (Redskins 23 Vikings 17)

Denver Broncos At New Orleans Saints: Tough game to pick, but I'll ride this Saints momentum. Probably not a good game for the Broncos to be without Aqib Talib (Saints 28 Broncos 20)

Houston Texans At Jacksonville Jaguars: The Texans are 0-3 on the road this year, but those losses were also to the Patriots, Broncos, and the Vikings. The Jags are clearly not on the level on those teams               (Texans 31 Jaguars 17)

Los Angeles Rams At New York Jets: Kind of similar teams here, but the Jets have the better QB and better skill position players. (Jets 24 Rams 20)

Chicago Bears At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Well the Bucs can't lose all of their home games right?              (Bucs 28 Bears 26)

Green Bay Packers At Tennessee Titans: What's up with the Packers? Just when we think they're okay, they go out and lay an egg against the Colts. They should be able to right the ship here (Packers 33 Titans 24)

Kansas City Chiefs At Carolina Panthers: I'll go with the Panthers here because they're at home and need this game more than the Chiefs. Let's go Spencer Ware though! (Panthers 24 Chiefs 21)

Atlanta Falcons At Philadelphia Eagles: This could be a fun little shootout here (Eagles 33 Falcons 30)

Miami Dolphins At San Diego Chargers: The Dolphins are riding a three game win streak, but nothing can kill a win streak like a very long flight to Cali (Chargers 29 Dolphins 24)

San Francisco 49'ers At Arizona Cardinals: The 49'ers are a complete and utter joke and they will get crushed here no doubt. (Cardinals 38 49'ers 16)

Dallas Cowboys At Pittsburgh Steelers: The Cowboys are definitely the better team right now, but the Steelers need this game bad. Maybe the Steeler offense cranks it up this game or maybe their defense really puts the heat on young Dak. Either way I see the Steelers getting back on track and the Cowboys will be just fine. (Steelers 31 Cowboys 24)

Seattle Seahawks At New England Patriots: Another excellent Sunday night match up. This has the feel of a 'show me' game for the Pats. Meaning that they'll be really amped and have their foot on the gas big time. (Patriots 34 Seahawks 24)

Cincinnati Bengals At New York Giants: I keep waiting for the Bengals to look like themselves again, but maybe like the Packers they're just not that good. Still, I'll give them another shot here                             (Bengals 23 Giants 20)