2016 NFL: Week 11 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Nov. 17, 2016

You know what gets my nips in a twist? We have all this amazing technology these days that isn't used to it's full potential. For example in the Saints/Broncos game, Denver blocked an extra point that was returned for the deciding score in what was a tie game. As expected, pictures and video surfaced several hours later clearly showing the Bronco player with his foot out of bounds on the run back. We couldn't have gotten that angle for the refs to see? None of these 30 cameras they have can zoom in? Hell, we should able to see if there's ants on the damn field.

New Orleans Saints At Carolina Panthers: Speaking of the Saints, they're playing a team that also lost in heartbreaking fashion. The Panthers depressing season possibly took it's final nose dive in blowing a 17 point lead against the Chiefs. The Saints definitely had a hiccup themselves, but I think they have more fight in them (Saints 30 Panthers 20)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Cleveland Browns: Is there a better cure for a four game losing fever than a strong dosage of Browns? (Steelers 41 Browns 23)

Baltimore Ravens At Dallas Cowboys: The Ravens have a shot for the upset here. Their strength (run defense) goes in direct competition with the Cowboys strength (run offense). You also have to believe that the Boys won't be going 15-1 most likely and could fall into a trap here after an emotional road win combined with a big game against the Redskins on the Thursday after this game. I really want to call an upset special here, but I just can't trust this Ravens offense on the road to keep up if the score gets high. (Cowboys 20 Ravens 16)

Jacksonville Jaguars At Detroit Lions: Could the Lions actually win the suddenly declining NFC North? Possibly. They should take care of business here, but isn't this always the type of game where they let you down the most? Then again the Jaguars suckiness outweighs the Lions uncertainty this time                     (Lions 23 Jaguars 16)

Tennessee Titans At Indianapolis Colts: The Titans just won't let me quit on them this season. Which is why I'm having them beat the Colts here because they probably should have the first time (Titans 33 Colts 24)

Buffalo Bills At Cincinnati Bengals: I'm really wondering if this could be like the Panthers/Chiefs game last week. If the Bengals lose this one that could be all she wrote even in the weak AFC North. I have a feeling they just squeak by here. (Bengals 23 Bills 20)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Kansas City Chiefs: This looks easy on paper, but the Bucs can be a little frisky, especially on the road (yeah that sounds weird). I'll give the Chefs (yes Chefs) the win here, but I'm little leery (Chiefs 34 Bucs 27)

Chicago Bears At New York Giants: Have we had one of those classic 'awful Eli' type of games where he throws four interceptions and just looks terrible? If so, it's been a while and with the Bears better than average pass rush going against the Giants patchwork O-Line, I'm calling for the UPSET SPECIAL             (Bears 23 Giants 21)

Arizona Cardinals At Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have lost four in a row, but they have a chance to make things right against a not very good Cardinals team. You know what? That's good enough for me. Moving on (Vikings 20 Cardinals 17)

Miami Dolphins At Los Angeles Rams: The red hot Dolphins get to play Jared Goff in his first career NFL start. Say that to yourself 5 times and then try to imagine the Rams winning. Tough ain't it? (Dolphins 23 Rams 13)

New England Patriots At San Francisco 49'ers: Let's not even entertain the thought that the 49'ers can even keep this game close (Patriots 39 49'ers 20)

Philadelphia Eagles At Seattle Seahawks: The Eagles have proved all year that they're not an easy out in the slightest. Still it's hard to imagine rookie Carson Wentz winning in Seattle. (Seahawks 24 Eagles 17)

Green Bay Packers At Washington Redskins: The Redskins are once again the beneficiary of playing a struggling team at the right time. I thought the meltdown in Tennessee could have spelled the end of Mike McCarthy, but if this game gets out of hand then he has to go right? I've been waiting all year for the Panthers and Bengals to turn it around, nothing. I've been also been waiting for Aaron Rodgers to be the man again and nothing. Until that actually happens I just can't in good conscience see them beating a decent team (Redskins 30 Packers 22)

Houston Texans At Oakland Raiders: Not a true home game for the Raiders in Mexico city, but we can still apply the 'don't count on Brock Osweiler against a good team on the road' rule. (Raiders 27 Texans 16)