2016 NFL: Week 12 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Nov. 24, 2016

No intro this week, just picking games. Deal with it.

Minnesota Vikings At Detroit Lions: All of a sudden, this is now a huge game in what could determine the winner of the NFC North. I know the Lions stole the game in Minny a few weeks ago, but I got to go with them here again because they're clearly the hotter team now. (Lions 24 Vikings 16)

Washington Redskins At Dallas Cowboys: It would seem that the Cowboys might be a little ripe for a loss, especially against the Redskins who always play them tough. I see the Redskins jumping to a nice lead only for the Cowboys to come back and win it with a FG at the end. Should be a good one                                    (Cowboys 34 Redskins 31)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Indianapolis Colts: I was going to pick the Steelers here anyway, but now I'm hearing Andrew Luck might not play...yikers. (With Luck, Steelers 38 Colts 31) (W/O Luck, Steelers 45 Colts 24)

Tennessee Titans At Chicago Bears: Well the good thing for the Bears is they should be in good position to draft a good QB. (Titans 26 Bears 13)

Jacksonville Jaguars At Buffalo Bills: Don't see any reason why the Bills don't take care of business here   (Bills 22 Jaguars 9)

Cincinnati Bengals At Baltimore Ravens: Well, without A.J. Green and Gio Bernard the Bengals are really going to go in the crapper now. Even with those major injuries the Ravens will barely squeak out the win because that's what they do. (Ravens 23 Bengals 17)

Arizona Cardinals At Atlanta Falcons: Do people finally believe in the Cardinals yet? Believe that they suck? (Falcons 31 Cardinals 25)

New York Giants At Cleveland Browns: And once again an average Giants team lucks out with a lay-up opponent. Browns 0-16? This can really happen, come on Browns you can do this! (Giants 23 Browns 13)

Los Angeles Rams At New Orleans Saints: I could see the Rams turning this into a low scoring affair which would be right up their alley. So, I'll give this the UPSET SPECIAL treatment. Jeff Fisher be like "7-9 here we come!" (Rams 17 Saints 14)

San Francisco 49'ers At Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins now have a 6 game win streak (Dolphins 33 49'ers 16)

San Diego Chargers At Houston Texans: I feel like picking against the Chargers on the road is a bad proposition, unless they're playing someone really good. The Texans are kinda good I guess, so this is my dilemma. Then again, I look at the point spread and see the Chargers are actually favored by 1.5 on the road. Just because of that I'm going Texans (Texans 29 Chargers 26)

Seattle Seahawks At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Seattle gravy train ain't stopping in Tampa            (Seahawks 30 Bucs 15) 

New England Patriots At New York Jets: With no Gronk and apparently a somewhat injured Tom Brady...well the Pats will still win, but the Jets will make a game of it (Patriots 23 Jets 20)

Carolina Panthers At Oakland Raiders: This feels like it could be the good ole letdown game, but I'm tired of feeling dumb for always picking against the Raiders (not last week though) and then they keep winning, so for that reason alone. (Raiders 28 Panthers 21)

Kansas City Chiefs At Denver Broncos: Should be a good one on Sunday night. I'll go with the home to beat the somewhat struggling road team. (Broncos 19 Chiefs 16)

Green Bay Packers At Philadelphia Eagles: Crazy to think how highly rated the Packers defense was when they played the Cowboys earlier in the season. Think of that and then think of them giving up over 40 points in back to back games. (Eagles 31 Packers 27)