2016 NFL: Week 13 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Nov. 30, 2016

Before I get started on the picks this week I wanted to give some love to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Back to back wins against the Chiefs and Seahawks not only has the Bucs in wild card contention, but also back in the NFC South race just one behind Atlanta. The Bucs have always been fun to watch with players like Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and Doug Martin, but now it's looking like they have some legit players on D, like Noah Spence who I badly wanted my Ravens to draft. Oh well...

Dallas Cowboys At Minnesota Vikings: Can't be a good feeling for the Vikings knowing they choked up in two games against Lions. The Cowboys on the other hand keep winning and winning and only need to go 3-2 the rest of the way to clinch the #1 seed in the NFC. With a big game looming against the Giants, the Cowboys could easily look past a desperate Vikings team that really needs a win, and they're an excellent defense playing against a rookie QB long overdue for a stinkbomb of a game. Are we busting out the UPSET SPECIAL early? I think so. (Vikings 20 Cowboys 17)

Kansas City Chiefs At Atlanta Falcons: I'm going with the Falcons for the mere fact that the Chiefs are coming off that Sunday night marathon win in Denver. Should be a fun game though. (Falcons 26 Chiefs 20)

Detroit Lions At New Orleans Saints: I think we all know how most Lions games go by now. The Lions will fall behind only to mount a 4th quarter comeback. Although this time it will come up short, because nothing will ever be easy for the Lions. (Saints 28 Lions 27)

Los Angeles Rams At New England Patriots: This has the looks of the classic 'just good enough to get by' type of game for the Pats (Patriots 20 Rams 10)

Denver Broncos At Jacksonville Jaguars: The Broncos have been struggling and the Jags, while awful have been hanging around in games recently. Could we have another UPSET SPECIAL brewing? Maybe, but I see this more like the Broncos/Saints game from a few weeks ago, where the Broncos just win with something dumb at the end. (Broncos 20 Jaguars 19)

Houston Texans At Green Bay Packers: Are the Packers back? Well if so, it might be too late for them. Either way they'll win here because nothing can be easy for the Lions and no team will run away with the crappy AFC South (Packers 27 Texans 17)

Philadelphia Eagles At Cincinnati Bengals: Will Marvin Lewis get his 817th pass from getting fired this offseason? (Eagles 16 Bengals 13)

Miami Dolphins At Baltimore Ravens: What a huge game this has become for both teams. The Dolphins are of course riding a six game win streak, but one could argue that the Bills and Steelers were the only good teams they beat, just like those same two teams are the only good team the Ravens beat. I'll give the Ravens the win here assuming Jimmy Smith is playing and for a bold prediction I see the Ravens reaching the 30 point plateau for the first time this season thanks to a breakout game from rookie Kenneth Dixon       (Ravens 30 Dolphins 27)

San Francisco 49'ers At Chicago Bears: This is a huge must-lose game as far as the #2 pick in the draft is concerned. I'll go with SF here because there's no way we can have a 1-15 team and a 0-16 team right? (49'ers 23 Bears 19)

Buffalo Bills At Oakland Raiders: The Raiders last loss was to the Chiefs and now they're playing a team with a similar style in the Bills. Just feels like the Raiders are due for a loss after a couple of close calls               (Bills 30 Raiders 26)

New York Giants At Pittsburgh Steelers: I feel like this will be a shootout much like the Pittsburgh/Dallas game, only this time there won't be an Ezekiel Elliot kill shot at the end (Steelers 35 Giants 31)

Washington Redskins At Arizona Cardinals: I think I was a little early when I called for the Redskins swoon. They were fortunate to catch Minnesota and Green Bay at the right time, but this is a really sneaky road game against a good home team, albeit a struggling underachieving team (Cardinals 27 Redskins 24)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At San Diego Chargers: Well, since I gave the Bucs some love in the intro I have to pick them here against the ultimate 'I never feel good picking them or against them' team in the Chargers. (Buccaneers 31 Chargers 26)

Carolina Panthers At Seattle Seahawks: These teams usually play tough close games, but the Panthers are just sad right now. I expect Seattle to get back on track after a bad loss to Tampa (Seahawks 26 Panthers 16)

Indianapolis Colts At New York Jets: I got this one figured out. The Jets will dominate this game for three quarters, because they're a bad match up for the Colts, but as always Andrew Luck will lead a big comeback that will be successful because the Jets are the Jets (Colts 26 Jets 23)