2016 NFL: Week 14 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Dec. 08, 2016

The Kansas City Chiefs keep finding ways to pull these wins out of their butt. Let's give credit where it's due, because it's not like they're doing this against bums like the Browns, but good teams like Denver and Atlanta. Can they keep this up? Sounds like the perfect transition since they're playing in the Thursday night game.....

Oakland Raiders At Kansas City Chiefs: The Raiders last loss was to the Chiefs all the way back in Week 6, a 26-10 beat down. Can the Chiefs break the Raiders win streak which ironically began after losing to them? Of course they can but they won't. I think these past couple of games finally catch up to the Chiefs. I think the Raiders go up on them early and they won't be able to keep up. (Raiders 27 Chiefs 19)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Buffalo Bills: This should be a nice test for the Steelers. Buffalo is not an easy place to play in December. This is exactly the type of game that could trip up the streaking Steelers. In fact, I could see Lesean McCoy lighting them up good. (Bills 41 Steelers 32)

Denver Broncos At Tennessee Titans: This is another game where the road team is the better team and should win, but what the Titans do well (run the ball) goes against Denver's weakness (stopping the run). Still this feels like one of those dumb games where Denver wins with a punt block or tipped interception return or something like that (Broncos 23 Titans 18)

Washington Redskins At Philadelphia Eagles: I'm going with the Eagles here for the pure fact of them being a very underrated home team (last two wins against Atlanta and Minnesota at home). Not much else to say on this one. (Eagles 23 Redskins 20)

Arizona Cardinals At Miami Dolphins: Well the Dolphins looked very fraudulent last week, but their opponent has looked fraudulent all year. I'm somewhat tempted to take the Cardinals however, but then I remember Carson Palmer is playing on the road, yikes (Dolphins 28 Cardinals 21)

San Diego Chargers At Carolina Panthers: Well that Panthers have just about called it a day on this season. The Chargers on the road is always a good bet if they're playing anyone lesser, equal to, and only slightly greater than (Chargers 32 Panthers 20)

Cincinnati Bengals At Cleveland Browns: If the Browns were to win a game this year, this has to be the one right? At home against a division rival. Do you believe in miracles? Browns get their first and only win of the season! UPSET SPECIAL! (Browns 23 Bengals 21)

Chicago Bears At Detroit Lions: There would was once a time when I could have considered a game like this an upset special. But, I think we're at a time when we can trust the Lions to take care of business against teams they should. Or I'm a complete jinx (Lions 31 Bears 16)

Houston Texans At Indianapolis Colts: Unbelievable. The Colts were one of the worst teams for a good portion of this season and now they're in prime position to win the horrendous AFC South and go to the playoffs. Guess I can't complain since Andrew Luck helped my 6-7 fake football make the playoffs to hopefully beat the rest of the fake teams made up of real players (Colts 30 Texans 20)

Minnesota Vikings At Jacksonville Jaguars: Are we all good on 'Vikings win this game with a defensive and/or special teams TD'? Yeah, we're good on that. (Vikings 24 Jaguars 13)

New York Jets At San Francisco 49'ers: Is there anyway both teams can just forfeit? (Jets 17 49'ers 13)

New Orleans Saints At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Well I guess I have to pick Tampa since I gushed so much about them last week. Gotta keep riding them until they let me down (Buccaneers 25 Saints 21)

Atlanta Falcons At Los Angeles Rams: I'll echo the sentiments of any NFL fan with half a brain by saying 'Jeff Fisher extension because why?' At least Marvin Lewis actually gets his team to the playoffs, so I could at least somewhat understand why they keep bringing him back, but Fisher? Does anyone in the Rams front office realize this isn't 1999 anymore? (Falcons 23 Rams 10)

Seattle Seahawks At Green Bay Packers: Losing Earl Thomas for the year will wind up being a huge loss for Seattle s expected, but for this game I think this team really rallies together and gets the win in Lambeau, because winning in Green Bay isn't taboo anymore. (Seahawks 27 Packers 23)

Dallas Cowboys At New York Giants: I've said for a while if the Cowboys had played the Giants a little later in the season, then they wouldn't have lost to them like in Week 1. It's now later in the season               (Cowboys 25 Giants 20)

Baltimore Ravens At New England Patriots: Last week was the one game when everything finally came together for the Ravens and could the timing be any better? I don't think there's a team the Ravens get more pumped to play than the Patriots (not even the Steelers). This will be a close, tightly contested game. I really want to take the Ravens, but I'm going to go with the ole reverse jinx on this one (Patriots 27 Ravens 23)