2016 NFL: Week 15 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Dec. 15, 2016

Not wasting time with a intro this week since I'm starting this article Wednesday evening. Just picks, picks, and more picks.

Los Angeles Rams At Seattle Seahawks: Kind of see this game going down much like the Ravens/Browns Thursday game from earlier this year. The Rams will hang around for a while, but eventually Seattle will just take over and bludgeon the sad Jeff Fisher-less Rams. At least they have that going for them            (Seahawks 30 Rams 6)

Miami Dolphins At New York Jets: Tough game to call. The Dolphins will have Matt Moore at QB, not sure if he's that much of a drop off from Tannehill. On the other hand the Jets might have new life after a comeback win last week. My gut says the Jets. (Jets 23 Dolphins 20)

Green Bay Packers At Chicago Bears: Here come the Packers, getting hot at the right time. Uh oh        (Packers 27 Bears 16)

Jacksonville Jaguars At Houston Texans: Now it's looking more like the Texans will be the team to lose to the second place AFC West team in the opening round of the playoffs (Texans 24 Jaguars 17)

Cleveland Browns At Buffalo Bills: The Bills will win this game, so let's just get that out of the way. I just want to ask, how did the Bills give up all those rushing yards last week. Are these Ryan brothers the most overrated couple of coaches or what? (Bills 33 Browns 13)

Philadelphia Eagles At Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens will win here, but what should be really concerning is the absence of Jimmy Smith for probably the rest of the regular season. Next two games are at Pittsburgh and then at Cincinnati probably with A.J. Green back. Yikes! (Ravens 26 Eagles 10)

Tennessee Titans At Kansas City Chiefs: The Titans will give the Chiefs a good scare, but I think they'll prevail in the end. (Chiefs 20 Titans 17)

Detroit Lions At New York Giants: Packers/Lions in Week 17 for the NFC North title. It's inevitable          (Giants 18 Lions 17)

Indianapolis Colts At Minnesota Vikings: This game will go one of two ways. First, just a straight up blowout by the Vikings. Or the Vikings appear to have a blowout only for a crazy Andrew Luck comeback. I'm thinking the first option (Vikings 37 Colts 22)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Cincinnati Bengals: This may be the Bengals Super Bowl right here, but the fact of the matter is the Steelers just own them. Close but no cigar (Steelers 26 Bengals 21)

New Orleans Saints At Arizona Cardinals: Should be a fun game from probably the two most exciting bad teams in the league (Cardinals 32 Saints 29)

 San Francisco 49'ers At Atlanta Falcons: The kneeling man may make this game interesting, but they're not winning in Atlanta (Falcons 34 49'ers 24)

New England Patriots At Denver Broncos: So we all know by now that Tom Brady and company really struggle playing in Denver. The question is do they get the monkey off their back this week? I'll say no because Denver needs this game a lot more and they'll be able to bring the pressure to get to Brady (Broncos 23 Patriots 22)

Oakland Raiders At San Diego Chargers: Should be a fun game. I'll go with the classic Derek Carr comeback/Charger 4th quarter meltdown (Raiders 34 Chargers 30)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Dallas Cowboys: I like this a bounce back game for the Cowboys. The bright lights in Dallas may be a little too much for this young Bucs team to handle (Cowboys 30 Buccaneers 20)

Carolina Panthers At Washington Redskins: Should be a very entertaining Monday night game. I'll go with the home team winning on a last second field goal (Redskins 29 Panthers 26)