2016 NFL: Week 17 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Dec. 29, 2016

Just like last week, I'm going to just post my score predictions for all of the meaningless games. I'm throwing the Tampa Bay Bucs game in there too, because they basically need to make the White House levitate to make the playoffs.

Meaningless games: Bucs 24 Panthers 17, Colts 30 Jags 22, Steelers 23 Browns 13, Vikings 20 Bears 17, Ravens 23 Bengals 20, Bills 31 Jets 17, Eagles 24 Cowboys 13, Texans 20 Titans 16, Cardinals 27 Rams 16

New England Patriots At Miami Dolphins: A few weeks back some people thought this might be a meaningless game for the Pats, but as it turns out, it's meaningless for the Dolphins. I know the Pats have had issues in Miami, but they did in Denver as well and exercised those demons, so I believe they will here as well. (Patriots 27 Dolphins 17)

New York Giants At Washington Redskins: Absolutely nothing for the Giants to play for, but everything for the Redskins. Makes this one elementary (Redskins 37 Giants 13)

Oakland Raiders At Denver Broncos: I know Matt McGloin against Denver's defense doesn't look great paper, but Denver's offense against anyone looks less appealing. (Raiders 16 Broncos 13)

Seattle Seahawks At San Francisco 49'ers: Member when this used to be the hottest rivalry in the NFL? Yeah, me neither. (Seahawks 38 49'ers 20)

Kansas City Chiefs At San Diego Chargers: The Chargers will make it interesting for a while, but the Chiefs will take over and crush the Chargers spirit and put the final dagger into their depressing season.         (Chiefs 34 Chargers 21)

New Orleans Saints At Atlanta Falcons: Going with the UPSET SPECIAL here, because it seems only fitting that Seattle lucks into the #2 seed (Saints 30 Falcons 28)

Green Bay Packers At Detroit Lions: The Lions will tease a last drive comeback, but they'll do something to screw it up. (Packers 27 Lions 24)