2016 NFL: Week 4 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Sep. 29, 2016

So, I did much better picking Week 3 games then probably the first two weeks combined. Let's keep the momentum going baby!

Miami Dolphins At Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have to win this game right? No way can they possibly lose to the fish at home. If so, they may have to pack this season in. Well not quite, but definitely wouldn't be a good sign going forward (Bengals 34 Dolphins 16)

Indianapolis Colts At Jacksonville Jaguars: Here we have our first London game of the season. A game with a 9:30 EST start, which is great for someone like me who can't sleep past 8 anyway. The Jags are proving to not be ready for all that preseason hype like I predicted (yes I mention this every week). Things won't get better as they'll go 0-4. Not that the Colts are anything special (they're not) but they always own the Jags. The real question is if Gus Bradley ever comes back to the States? (Colts 32 Jags 23)

Tennessee Titans At Houston Texans: Well the Texans sure looked like a fraud last Thursday. Because of the division they play in, they may still walk into the #4 seed only to lose in the first round to the Chiefs, Bengals, Ravens or whoever gets the #5 seed. (Texans 27 Titans 7)

Cleveland Browns At Washington Redskins: This game reeks of upset special to me. The only problem is, the Browns are the Browns and I'm more confident in them screwing up then actually winning a game. I can't pick them to win until they actually do. Still take the Browns getting the 9 points and run. (Redskins 24 Browns 21)

Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets: This is what I'd like to call an "Ugh Game" meaning when I say 'ugh' when trying to figure out this game at all and then have to articulate it in writing. The Seahawks crushing crappy San Fran at home has not gotten me off the scent of Seattle's own stench of disappointment. Jets win at home in a close one seems right ( Jets 19 Seahawks 16)

Buffalo Bills At New England Patriots: I'd like to offer my services to the Patriots to be their QB this week. Apparently it doesn't matter who their QB is, they would even win with my nonathletic ass taking snaps. This feels like it could be an upset special that's going under the radar, but why even pick against the Patriots anymore? People just look foolish (See Michael Irvin) (Patriots 20 Bills 13)

Carolina Panthers At Atlanta Falcons: What's up with the Panthers? Are they not that good or did they just run into a really good defense? Probably the latter, but still I'm thinking they go 1-3 here. Yes, this is the ole UPSET SPECIAL just as it was last season (Falcons 31 Panthers 27)

Oakland Raiders At Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are 3-0, but we're still unclear if they're actually good. This game against the Raiders will be a good litmus test, as the Raiders will be their toughest competition yet. Winning ugly is always better than losing and I think that confidence will carry over in a big time Week 4 win at home. 4-0 (Ravens 27 Raiders 24)

Detroit Lions At Chicago Bears: The Bears are just a sad bunch now. I didn't think they would be great, but I thought they could at least hang around the wildcard picture, I was wrong. Time to start fresh with a new QB next year (Lions 37 Bears 22)

Denver Broncos At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It was so easy to dismiss Denver this offseason, since you could factor in, Super Bowl hangover, defense regressing slightly, and new QB. The thing is, the defense is still one of the best in the NFL and the new QB Trevor Siemian is actually good. Combine that with 'the nobody believe in us' factor and Denver is off and running. (Broncos 24 Bucs 16)

Los Angeles Rams At Arizona Cardinals: The Rams won this game last year also in Week 4. Don't think that result will be the same this year, as the Cards need this game more and will be at home, but I like the Rams to keep it close at least. Just like Seattle, there maybe a stench of fraud in this Cards team. (Cardinals 24 Rams 20)

New Orleans Saints At San Diego Chargers: I'll go with the Saints as a mild upset only because they'll be very desperate, and Drew Bress should be pumped to play at his old stomping grounds. And because I don't trust the Chargers at all (Saints 33 Chargers 27)

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49'ers: The 49'ers aren't good, which everyone expected anyway, but they're competent at home. This is why I like them as a home underdog this week against a Dallas team that may be without Dez Bryant. (49'ers 27 Cowboys 23)

Kansas City Chiefs At Pittsburgh Steelers: No way the Steelers lose a home night game after their debacle in Philly last week. Not happening. (Steelers 31 Chiefs 24)

New York Giants At Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings are legit, nobody can deny that. I still had them as a wildcard team even after the Bridgewater injury, but they may be destined for something greater than that. The Vikes should take care of business here, but isn't this always the type of game that the Giants win out of left field? Keep believing in the Vikings, but proceed with caution as you would for any game involving the Giants. (Vikings 28 Giants 20)