2016 NFL: Week 6 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Oct. 12, 2016

And then there was one. The Minnesota Vikings are the last undefeated team remaining and they're the real deal. Something about them reminds me a little of last years Panthers. Incredible defense and a offense full of no-names that just gets it done. Just like the when the Panthers lost Kelvin Benjamin and people were quick to write them off, the Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater and brought in Sam Bradford with a 1st round pick. Wow! Well it's paying off now, as he may be the perfect QB for this team. 

Denver Broncos At San Diego Chargers: The Broncos will be without Head Coach Gary Kubiak for this game, as he's battling an illness. Also as of this writing (Monday night) I'm not sure who the starting QB will be (Siemian?) but I have a feelings the Broncos will figure it out, as will the Chargers for finding a new and unique way to choke a game away. Could Mike McCoy be gone after a loss here? (Broncos 24 Chargers 18)

San Francisco 49'ers At Buffalo Bills: I had the crazy feeling that the 49'ers might get the upset here, but then I remembered the 49'ers are terrible. The Bills will win their 4th game in a row. Just found out that Kaepernick is starting, so I'll give SF an extra 7 points for that. (Bills 31 49'ers 16)

Philadelphia Eagles At Washington Redskins: Don't be fooled by the Redskins 3 game win streak. Two wins came against struggling Giants an Ravens teams at the right time with the Browns sandwiched in the middle. The Eagles are the better team and the Redskins aren't very good at home (Eagles 23 Redskins 16)

Cleveland Browns At Tennessee Titans: I picked the Titans to win the AFC South at the beginning of the season and I'm sticking with it, because who else in that division? Not that the Titans are a great team, but I expect them to beat this sad Browns team (Titans 28 Browns 13)

Baltimore Ravens At New York Giants: Only 10 points against a bad Redskin team was the final straw for Marc Trestmen, so he gone now. The Ravens will be better off, as long as they stick with the run which will set up the play action. This formula always works for the Ravens. The Giants look like a sad bunch and when did Eli inherit his brothers dead arm? Honestly, this game could go either way, both teams are desperate for a win. I'll call it a throwback for the Ravens, as they'll win by only kicking field goals (Ravens 15 Giants 13)

Carolina Panthers At New Orleans Saints: I really thought the Panthers would somewhat get it together against the Bucs even without Cam. Should I go to the well with them one more time here? Well, Cam is likely playing and it is the Saints defense. Here goes nothing (Panthers 27 Saints 26)

Jacksonville Jaguars At Chicago Bears: I don't know. My head is hurting just from trying to figure this game out. Bears by 3 seems safe. (Bears 25 Jaguars 22)

Los Angeles Rams At Detroit Lions: Another game that feels like a complete toss-up. I do like the Rams D-Line having a big day though. (Rams 21 Lions 15)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Miami Dolphins: I have a strange feeling about this game. This feels like the type of game that the Steelers could sleepwalk through. Maybe the heat will be too much to handle as well. Still I can't make any logical argument for the Dolphins winning. (Steelers 28 Dolphins 19)

Cincinnati Bengals At New England Patriots: Are the Bengals just not good anymore? I know missing Tyler Eifert hurts, but would he really have made a difference in the three games that the Bengals lost convincingly? I think not. 2-4 will be a hard hole to dig out of (Patriots 31 Bengals 20)

Kansas City Chiefs At Oakland Raiders: The Raiders nearly lost to week before the Chargers remembered it was time to choke away another game. I'm liking the Raiders a lot this year, but the Chiefs have had their number recently (Chiefs 37 Raiders 26)

Atlanta Falcons At Seattle Seahawks: Well I called Atlanta beating Denver last week and speaking off... do the Falcons actually have a pass rush now? If they win in Denver and Seattle in back to back weeks, then we really have to take this team seriously. I know I've been hard on Seattle this year, thinking they were primed for a bad season, but I may have been wrong. Seeing as Atlanta has breathing room in what looks like a bad division, I'll Seattle the win at home because they probably need it more (Seahawks 34 Falcons 27)

Dallas Cowboys At Green Bay Packers: This looks like a prime spot for Dak Prescott to look like a rookie QB. As good as a lot of these rookie QB's have been, we all know it's inevitable for them to eventually have that game where everything goes to hell (Packers 34 Cowboys 16)

Indianapolis Colts At Houston Texans: I know the Colts have had the Texans number for a while, but man does their defense suck. (Texans 26 Colts 19)

New York Jets At Arizona Cardinals: This feels like a three interception type game for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Does anyone disagree? (Cardinals 30 Jets 13)