2016 NFL: Week 8 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Oct. 27, 2016

Cheers to Week 8 of the NFL Season! Cheers to 6-6 overtime ties, with missed chip shoot field goals from both teams! Cheers to my Baltimore Ravens for blowing a 3-0 start and now being one of the most depressing teams in the league! And cheers to only having to write about 13 games this week! Let's get it.

Jacksonville Jaguars At Tennessee Titans: No cheers for this game. No clever jokes or analogies here. No need to waste time on AFC South Thursday games. (Titans 23 Jaguars 17)

Washington Redskins At Cincinnati Bengals: Balance. The NFL world will soon have more balance. The Bengals softer schedule will allow them to climb back and be a playoff contender again, while the Redskins insanely difficult schedule will have them irrelevant again in a matter of weeks. (Bengals 27 Redskins 20)

Kansas City Chiefs At Indianapolis Colts: The Colts used to be a sure thing at home, but they're not very good this year. The Chiefs are just plain better. Simple as that. (Chiefs 33 Colts 24)

Oakland Raiders At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Raiders are 4-0 this season when playing 1:00 EST games on the road, which seems nuts to me. Does it finally catch up to them this week? Perhaps they may be partying too much this week, since I believe they're staying in Florida for the week due to back to back games withe the Jags and now the Bucs this week. Or does the early playing time not matter? The Raiders seem to be a better road team, like they get up for the challenge of it. I just think it catches up to them eventually.                (Bucs 30 Raiders 27)

Seattle Seahawks At New Orleans Saints: Speaking of things catching up, that Seattle defense was spent after that marathon with the Cards on Sunday night. So much so that Richard Sherman could barely move afterwards. Playing a high flying offense on the road seems like a real bad spot for them.                        (Saints 29 Seahawks 23)

Arizona Cardinals At Carolina Panthers: I could pretty much say 'see above' as far as this game goes. Except add the fact that the Panthers are even more desperate and coming off a bye (Panthers 34 Cardinals 22)

Detroit Lions At Houston Texans: So we know the Texans can't beat good teams on the road, but they are a good home team. The Lions are that one team where you never feel good picking them or against them. I'll go with the Texans bouncing back at home. (Texans 25 Lions 20)

New York Jets At Cleveland Browns: Looks like the Jets are primed for back to back wins for the first time this season. I always thought their record was a little deceiving considering the schedule they played up to that point. (Jets 30 Browns 20)

New England Patriots At Buffalo Bills: We all know how this one goes. The Bills aren't going to sweep the Pats. (Patriots 32 Bills 24)

San Diego Chargers At Denver Broncos: So I called the Chargers upset of the Falcons last week. Can they do it again and complete a sweep of Denver? I wouldn't be any bit surprised if they did, they always play Denver tough, but I'm thinking maybe the Broncos got their mojo back after back to back losses earlier         (Broncos 23 Chargers 20)

Green Bay Packers At Atlanta Falcons: Okay, this one here has me stumped. I've been staring at my screen for the longest time. So when in doubt...home team by three (Falcons 34 Packers 31)

Philadelphia Eagles At Dallas Cowboys: I do believe the Cowboys can be a legit contender in the NFC, but the Eagles always play them really tough in Dallas. Not that it would be that much of an upset, I'll still cal this my UPSET SPECIAL (Eagles 28 Cowboys 21)

Minnesota Vikings At Chicago Bears: Got the craziest feeling that this might not be a cakewalk for the Vikings. Road division games are always tough and maybe the Bears might get a little jolt of energy from emo Jay Cutler. Still can't see the Vikings losing though (Vikings 23 Bears 16)