2016 NFL: Week 9 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Nov. 03, 2016

What are the chances of the third week in a row with a tie? Come on NFL we can do this. That's it, just on to the games now.

Atlanta Falcons At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs beat the Falcons in Atlanta in Week 1, but things have changed. The Falcons are the best team (at the moment) in the NFC South. I like them to get even with the Bucs here, and let us not forget that Tampa is having to play a game four days after a near five quarter game against the Raiders. That will be a factor. (Falcons 34 Bucs 17)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Baltimore Ravens: I like the Ravens here (surprise surprise) for the mere fact that they should finally have their full starting offensive line against a team not very good against the run. Add to the fact that the Steelers will either be playing with Landry Jones at QB or a gimpy Ben. Still it will be an intense three point game as per usual with these teams (Ravens 25 Steelers 22)

Dallas Cowboys At Cleveland Browns: This looks like the classic letdown game on paper, seeing as the Cowboys had a hug comeback win against the Eagles on Sunday night and now they travel to play win-less Cleveland. The Browns are terrible, so that overrules the letdown factor. (Cowboys 37 Browns 16)

Jacksonville Jaguars At Kansas City Chiefs: Nick Foles will be starting at QB for the Chiefs, but is there really much difference between him and Alex Smith? (Chiefs 24 Jaguars 17)

New York Jets At Miami Dolphins: It's a shame for the Dolphins that their bye week came after building some momentum in back to back wins against the Steelers and Bills. The Jets are also building some momentum as they have back to back wins also. I'll give the edge to the Jets because I think their run defense will be able to slow down the rising Jay Ajayi. (Jets 27 Dolphins 21)

Philadelphia Eagles At New York Giants: These NFC East games are always hard to predict. I always tend to lean to the road teams. (Eagles 29 Giants 24)

Detroit Lions At Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings offense was so bad the last two games that Norv Turner quit. I'm sure he had his reasons. This Vikings team, which once looked elite is now looking very fraudulent. I guess a very good defense can only cover for Sam Bradford, a bad and injured offensive line, and no running game for so long. Despite all that the Vikes will just eek this one out. (Vikings 20 Lions 19)

Carolina Panthers At Los Angeles Rams: So are the Panthers back? Can they win two in a row against a very average Rams team? Or is this one of those games where the Rams defensive line just goes nuts and harasses Cam all day? The Panthers must win this game with road games against Oakland and Seattle looming. (Panthers 31 Rams 16)

New Orleans Saints At San Francisco 49'ers: I'm really starting to think that the 49'ers are the worst team in the league, obviously you make the argument for the Browns but at least they're competitive. Why could I see them winning this game though? There could be some letdown factor for the Saints after beating Seattle last week. The 49'ers have kind of had the Saints number recently as well. Then you have the Saints playing a road game and somehow I think I've just talked myself into SF. Ugh (49'ers 27 Saints 26)

Tennessee Titans At San Diego Chargers: Gotta stick with my preseason pick of the Titans to win the pathetic AFC South. Winnable game here boys. Titan Up! (Titans 26 Chargers 23)

Indianapolis Colts At Green Bay Packers: I think we all know how this game will go. The Packers will build a huge lead, only for Andrew Luck the new Fantasy Football garbage time king to start coming back and make a real threat of covering that 7.5 point spread. (Packers 35 Colts 27)

Denver Broncos At Oakland Raiders: I think the Raiders would probably prefer if this game was on the road. Still the excitement of this team could carry them to a feel good/we have arrived win. Unfortunately I think the Denver defense can shut that offense down enough to get the W and reestablish their AFC West dominance. (Broncos 26 Raiders 17)

Buffalo Bills At Seattle Seahawks: Well the Bills being a thing was fun while it lasted, but now they'll go back to being average/mediocre. Will we start to hear fire Rex Ryan rumblings again like we did when they were 0-2? (Seahawks 30 Bills 19)

Also congratulations to the freaking Chicago Cubs  on breaking that 108 year drought