NBA and MLB Bets 9/2

Yesterday, my MLB picks went 3-1, putting me at 31-23-1 on the season. My NBA picks went 1-2, putting my picks at 16-12-1 in the playoffs.

Here are my MLB picks for today:

Chicago Cubs -1.5 vs the Pittsburgh Pirates

Colorado Rockies -138 vs the San Francisco Giants

St. Louis Cardinals +129 vs the Cincinnati Reds

Houston Astros -1.5 vs the Texas Rangers

San Diego Padres -168 vs the Los Angeles Angels

Here are my NBA picks for today:

Miami Heat +5 vs the Milwaukee Bucks

The Heat showed in Game 1 that they have a game plan to contain Giannis. I can't imagine the Heat losing by more than 5 points, the Bucks don't have the offense, or the defense to blow them out.

Oklahoma City Thunder +5.5 vs the Houston Rockets

This is a Game 7, and Game 7's are usually slow, defensive slugfests (see Nuggets/Jazz from yesterday). This will be a close game that goes down to the wire.