NBA Playoff Predictions


1. Milwaukee vs 8. Orlando

Milwaukee wins this easy. Giannis could sit out this series and they would still win in 4-5 games.

Prediction: Bucks in 4

2. Toronto vs 7. Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been better than expected in the bubble, but they're no match for potentially the best team in the East.

Prediction: Raptors in 5

3. Boston vs 6. Philadelphia

This would be a very intriguing series if Ben Simmons was healthy. Boston has too much talent and the Tatum/Brown combo will destroy the 76ers without Simmons on defense.

Prediction: Celtics in 5

4. Indiana vs 5. Miami

Indiana has too many injuries and Miami is heating up. Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler will lead the Heat past the Pacers.

Prediction: Heat in 5


1. LA Lakers vs 8. Portland

The talented Portland backcourt will push the Lakers who struggle guarding scoring guards. But LeBron James and Anthony Davis will prove to be too much in the deciding game 7.

Prediction: Lakers in 7

2. LA Clippers vs 7. Dallas

Luka Doncic is the NBA's next superstar, but he'll have a tough task facing the Clippers. They have several bodies to throw at Doncic; Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Marcus Morris. The Clippers defense will limit one of the best offenses of all time.

Prediction: Clippers in 6

3. Denver vs 6. Utah

Michael Porter Jr. has proven to be a valuable member of the Nuggets in the bubble. Mike Conley has left the bubble, which hurts Utah's backcourt. Porter Jr. and Nikola Jokic will push the Nuggets past the Jazz.

Prediction: Nuggets in 5

4. Houston vs 5. Oklahoma City

Russell Westbrook's injury could cost the Rockets an early playoff exit. He has become their "Center" since the Clint Capela trade. The Thunder are confident and no one wants revenge more than Chris Paul.

Prediction: Thunder in 7