Johnny Gaudreau Signs with the Flames!

A huge sigh of relief flew over the prairies of Alberta this afternoon when the news of Johnny Gaudreau's 6 year contract was announced. Gaudreau signed a 6 year contract with the flames worth $6.75 million dollars a year, and $40.5 million in total. Gaudreau made a tweet saying that he just wants to play hockey, and wants to be there for his teammates, and the rest of Calgary. This is great news for Flames fans as it is a bit of a smaller contract than most people were expecting, in terms of money, and is much less than what Gaudreau was originally asking for. As much as Gaudreau deserves, as an elite forward in the NHL the less he makes the better it will be for the Flames future. They now have that extra 1 to 1.5 million dollars to pay other good players, to surround Johnny with to complete the rebuild, and become a contender in the west. This is a very good deal in terms of value for the Flames, as a lot of people see contracts as 1 million for every 10 points scored, so if you're a 50 point player in the NHL you could be making $5 million dollars a year, and a 70 point player could be making $7 million. It doesn't normally workout that way especially with such a strict salary cap in the NHL so even super star players are lucky to make $6.5 million or more. Johnny Gaudreau had 30 goals, and 78 points in 79 games last year so if you going with the ratio of $1 million dollars to every 10 points scored you would be looking at a $7.8 million dollar a year contract, which truthfully a lot of people, including myself thought they would land somewhere near there. For the contract to be a full million dollars less per year, makes me filled with joy, and I am absolutely elated, and am more than excited for what the next 6 years hold for the Flames organization. The top 6 in Calgary is now full of superstar power, and potential, with Gaudreau, Monahan, Bennett, and Tkachuk. The most impressive part about that is they are all draft picks, the oldest is 23, and two are already locked down for at least 6 years. These four have every opportunity to grow together, and become two of the most dangerous lines in the NHL. The Flames have a Crosby, Malkin like situation from 10 years ago, just times 2 and that is extremely exciting and I cant wait to see how they play this coming year. Flames will have the cap space to sign Bennett back next year no problem as they have a few older players who make lots of money going to UFA in Ladislav Smid at $3.5 million, and then likely Engelland, and Wideman who combined pull in over $8 million dollars a year. Losing them will give contract room for Bennett, and will allow other young prospects such as Kulak, Wotherspoon, Anderson, and Kylington to all fight for top 6 minutes starting next year. I could see Kulak making the jump next year and be a solidified defence men on the Flames. Signing Gaudreau changes everything for the Flames as they went from a team that is pretty good, and could potentially make the playoffs without him, to one of the favourites in the Pacific division with him. Gaudreau is the heart and soul of Calgary, and the face of the franchise and for him to take such a good contract with the team shows how much he wants to be in Calgary, and should also make the rest of the western conferences knees quiver as they look and see just how dangerous the Flames will be. Luckily for fans they got the contract done right before the season is starting so Johnny will be in the lineup on Wednesday, and will get his first taste of Glen Gulatzan as the Head Coach of the Flames.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!