Dear Ford, I was Wrong.

By William Richard
Mar. 05, 2018

Dear Ford,

I was wrong. Roughly a month ago, I was bashing your work ethic. I talked for week's about how you would struggle and how the new Camaro accompanied with already fast Toyota Camry's would create too much competition for you to keep up. And for that, I apologize. I was wrong.

Of course, predictions are made for a reason. Everyone tries to one up the next by calling what happens before it happens. I made distinct predictions that the 'Blue Oval' group would fall short in 2018. With the same body style & lack of changes, it was low hanging fruit to exclaim that Ford could simply fall to the wayside this season.

Now three week's into the season, Ford has been dominant. Yes, it's still early, but you have made your mark. In the last two races (Atlanta & Las Vegas), you have been 55% of the top-10. In addition, you have led 523 of the 592 laps ran. That equates to 88.34%. If that isn't enough, you hold 5 positions inside the top-10 in the Cup Series standings, including the top-3 (Harvick, Logano, Blaney).

Plain & simple, I whiffed. I stuck my nose up high knowing that I was one step ahead of the game. Boy was I wrong! Penske is adjusting nicely to a three car operation (something I also predicted would go awry), Stewart-Haas is in full form, and the Wood Brothers with Paul Menard are firmly in Playoff contention early.

As for Chevy. They have stunk it up. I mentioned in last week's post how this West Coast swing will make or break the new Camaro ZL1, and thus far, it hasn't been pretty. So as for now, against my better judgement, you... Ford... are on top. Enjoy it, because those Camry's & Camaro's are chomping at the bit to regain their #1 spot(s).


NASCAR Opinion

P.S. Get my ole buddy Paul Menard in Victory Lane & all is forgiven.

Thanks for reading everyone! As I get older, I have learned that admitting your wrong about things is half the battle. You earn your respect in this sport by being right at times & admitting when you blew it. Of course, this prediction could come around full-circle, but for now, I'm wrong. Congrats to Kevin Harvick for snagging his 100th career NASCAR win! That 4 team is sure dialed in! Thanks for the support, have a great week!

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