Bruins are Back...Nevermind

The Bruins are going to the playoffs! Just kidding, but seriously...wait but they might actually make the playoffs. I was always a Claude fan, but sometimes a coaches message runs dry in the locker room and apparently that seems to be the case with the Boston Bruins. Ever since they fired Claude the team has seemed re-energized and I'll tell you what it's been refreshing. Finally, it seems like the team is interested in actually playing hockey. I'm not saying this Bruins team is going to win the cup, but with the way they've been playing lately a post season run seems very likely and I love it! Andddd as I write this blog the Ducks scored with two minutes left so we're probably going to lose and we suck again...and an empty net goal...I take back everything I just said, especially because the Kings are going to roll on us tomorrow night. We're done. On to 2018.