Why my Indian e-tourist visa Application got Rejected?

By india evisa
Dec. 02, 2019

Indian visa means official permission from India to visit India. Indian visa application can be submitted via two modes of application

Paper visa application

paperless visa application

paper visa application requires paper application filling , with signature, physical documents attachment with photograph not only this you need to submit these documents by you only with application visa fee, other hand online visa application for indian can be applicable via online , all processing will be digital no need to submit any physical document etc.

So why an Indian e-tourist visa application got rejected if all work is digitally processed through online mode ? If you are looking for answers for these then i did some research over it and found some common reasons which i wants to share with you guys:

Reason 1. Visa Type

Most common visa application cause is to select wrong visa type for visa application...

keep in mind you can study on e-tourist visa. or you are not allowed to do business in Indian on student visa , similarly an tourist visa for India allows only tourist related activity to perform in India

Reason 2. Wrong Document type

Check your documents which you upload for online visa application , check for dimensions, documents size,image quality you must have to follow the instructions regarding dimensions and do or do not guidelines for correct type of documents

Reason 3. Documents validity

Upload your documents which are valid and genuine so that visa office and process application quickly

Reason 4. Payment

If you not complete your payment procedure then your visa application automatically got rejected .