What filler is used for the Injection?

By King Dark
Jan. 03, 2020

Through an injection in the area of the nasal bridge or the tip of the nose, an immediate and harmonious beautification of the nose can be achieved. A nasal knob, when concealed in this way, is seemingly and temporarily removed or reduced, and a low tip of the nose is raised. The advantage over operative rhinoplasty is in the fact that the treatment is completed in ca. a few minutes and the side effects, such as swelling or small Hematomas, are of only a short duration. A nasal cast does not have to be worn. A further advantage is that a person can first test this nose correction, before deciding on surgery. Having experienced the effect of a “new” nose, the patient can then decide whether surgery would be the better solution after all - since, unfortunately, most of the gel injection with the stable Hyaluronic Acid will break down after a time. However, a rather small portion of it, ca. 1/3, will remain intact permanently.

Immediately after the injection, the material will still be shapeable, so when a nose correction is done in the area where glasses are worn, the patient should forego wearing the glasses for a while if they would touch the injected areas of the nose.

· Apparent reduction in size

· Not every nose is well-suited to this treatment option

· Correction of uneven areas after the nasal operation

· Hardly any side effects