10 Facts about Columbia University

By CA Edubirdie
Nov. 25, 2019


Did you know that Columbia University has created its name for having great history and commitment to education and research? Yes, you read it. Besides that, the university has plenty of interesting facts you might not have heard. Thankfully, you will get the ten facts about Columbia University in this article today.

But before we share interesting facts about Columbia University, let’s take a look at the university mission statement.

Columbia University is one of the famous universities in the world known for their competency in research and is also a notable learning institution for undergraduate and graduate students in different professional fields.

About Columbia University

Columbia University was started by the royal charter of King George II of England in 1754 under the name of King’s College. The university is ancient in New York but is the fifth oldest in the United States. Columbia is renowned for its many successful alumni including Barack Obama and many others.

Where is Columbia University Located?

Columbia is situated in Upper Manhattan in Morningside Heights, the intersection between Harlem and Upper West Side. It is surrounded by a cultural epicenter but with a much-defined campus. There are plenty of museums, shops, restaurants, and other landmarks bordering the Columbia University.

Columbia is also a member of the Ivy League. If you are interested to apply to study in Columbia, ask for help here.

Who Qualifies for Admission in Columbia?

Columbia has perhaps the most selective acceptance rate when it comes to admitting students. This means getting a chance to learn there isn’t a walk in the park. The school considers several factors before accepting new students. Some factors it considers include recommendations, academics, SAT scores, extracurriculars, etc.

Well, Columbia does not have outright SAT requirements since the school is selective. However, it considers your GPA and SAT scores when it comes to accepting you to the school. For this reason, you need to have a 2380 SAT score and a minimum of 4.16GPA to get accepted there.

With that being said, here are the 10 facts about Columbia University

1.The Quick Facts

Columbia is a private university with a total enrollment of 32,429. Of these, 6113 are undergraduates. The university has an acceptance rate of 6% and the tuition and fees is approximately $74,173 and $57,208

2.Columbia got its 14-acre land that became Rockefeller Center in 1929 from the State of New York. Come 1985, Columbia traded the land with Rockefeller family for $400 million and this increased the Universities donation 2X.

3.Columbia has a rule where new students exit Lerner Hall through the backdoors and enter the main campus through the main gate to welcome for the first time. This happens during orientation week that is the first year of March.

4.Former President Barack Obama, Amelia Earhart, and Warren Buffett are graduates from Columbia University.

5.Its moTto “In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen” means “In thy light shall we see light”.

6.Columbia’s medical school is the second oldest school to be founded in the colonies. And in 1770, it was the first to honor the M.D.

7.Columbia was a British military hospital during the British occupation of New York City in 1776.

8.The famous Spiderman, Kinsey, Ghostbusters, Mona Lisa’s Smile of the Hollywood movies studied at 309 lecture hall.

9.Only 5 students graduated in the early years when Columbia was founded.

10.In 1860, Columbia played its first intercollege sporting game against NYU.