What the Sixers win over the Clippers shows about them going forward, into the playoffs

By Max
Feb. 13, 2020

First off, I loved what I saw from last night's game from the 76ers. We will talk about the basics before we get to things not so obvious. Embiid finally got down low and was able to nearly dominate the clippers in the post and wasn’t going to that fade as often. Also Simmons was just spectacular around the rim with some crazy finishes capping off a triple double. If I’m being honest I don’t think Harden and Simmons should really be looked as if one of them is in the top 5 players and the other is not even in the top 20. They are both amazing at literally everything in the book except terrible at one thing. For Simmons that’s shooting and for Harden that’s defending. Another thing I also loved seeing is we were able to beat a really good team without lighting it up from behind the arc. The reason you might be surprised by this is because 3pt shooting is clearly not a strong suit of the Sixers but against the Bucks on Christmas Day and the Lakers in late January they made a lot of threes, which to me, cannot be taken as a given. They have been hitting them very inconstantly throughout the whole season, ranking 17 across the league in percentage. Making 13 threes against the Lakers and a whopping 21 against the Bucks is not as promising to me as seeing Brett Brown make a smart coaching change and see Tobias Harris playing smarter. I love to see Embiid is not beefing with the fans anymore and he’s getting his points in the paint and love how Simmons is emerging into a superstar at both ends of the floor but there’s more that I got out of this game. I’ve already hit this but I love how against an elite defensive team like the clippers with all their players healthy other than Pat Bev Philly was able to get our 110 points with only making 8 threes. This is even less than average with Korkmaz going  0-4 from long range which is unlikely to happen again. With him not scoring at all I pray that Brown will continue to either to start Korkmaz or Thybulle. When I first saw that Korkmaz was starting over Horford I was generally happy because that opens up the floor, but I was also worried that our defense would struggle with Korkmaz and Harris starting at those forward spots both being not great defenders and how they would hold against Kawhi, Williams, and George. That clearly was not an issue. I love Horford coming off the bench who I think should take on the role of being a pure backup center with him playing about 25 minutes a night and allow embiid to get a little more rest each game taking his minutes to 28 per game. But more than all the things prior mentioned I am so happy that Harris wasn’t taking contested pull up mid range shots and drove in strong to the basket whether Embiid and Simmons were on the court or not. I think the Sixers can make it farther in the playoffs than a lot of people think if Brett Brown can get them to play better on the road. The only team without I doubt I would put over the Sixers is the Miami Heat as they have a 3-1 record against us and for the Bucks and Celtics I think we match up well against both of those teams.And as good as Toronto has been playing recently I think our talent will be able to outmatch theirs in the postseason. We can have a solid 8-9 man rotation in the playoffs with our starting 5 along with Thybulle, Horford, and Robinson off the bench and maybe Burks or Milton if they show something valuable from here to the playoffs. My current prediction on the Sixers in the postseason is that they would beat raptors, celtics, and pacers, push 7 against the bucks and maybe if we get lucky or sneak out a road win we beat them. And the bad part for Sixers fans like myself is that I think we will get knocked in 5 or 6 by the Heat. My opinions will most likely change as the season goes on but this is how I currently feel about how the 76ers matchup against each other big team in the Eastern Conference.