Come On Cardinals ~ Bring "Moss-Man" Back

By Beth Chapman
Jan. 22, 2017

Yes, the St. Louis Cardinals allowed 33 year old outfielder, 1B Brandon Moss walk into free agency this off-season. Even though, Moss put up 28 long balls, adding 67 RBI, Cardinals bottomline evidently was not equal to a long term contract more than likely sought by Moss' agent. Nor, evidently, were they willing to go from $8.250 MM to a Qualifying Offer of $17.2 MM, either. 

Outfielder/1B Brandon Moss spent two seasons, 2015-2016, with the Cardinals.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Moss has 10 seasons in the majors. His performance definitely improved for the Cardinals in 2016 compared to his half season in 2015 (coming from the Cleveland Indians) returning from his hip surgery. He spent a month (July) on the DL in 2016, due to a left ankle sprain. But, upon his return, he brought a power bat with him in August. However, the heat of his bat began to cool in September. We saw his monthly average go from a .272 BA in August to a .084 in September with 83 at-bats, seeing his season average drop to a .225 BA.  The two games he played in October, that bounced back up to a .250 monthly average, but only with two hits in eight at-bats, with one double to close his season barely above .200 mark. 

He is still sitting on the free agent list for 2017. Would the Cardinals and Moss be willing to "re-visit" their conversation? In my opinion, the 'reunion' of the two would be a worthy move. However, what would an acceptable contract be? And, would Moss be willing to come back to the table? 

I feel, with his experience both in the outfield and infield, his ability to connect at the plate (second most HR's for the Cardinals in 2016), being a lefty is a plus - a $12 MM for one year, with team options for years two and three would be feasible. Yes, even for a bench player. In the scheme of today's baseball business, that's just chump change but a respectable amount for a veteran. 

Personally, I still believe in Brandon Moss. I believe he would be an excellent investment for the Cardinals with his versatility on the field and 'the threat' of his bat at the plate. He's a dedicated player and commits himself to do his very best. Just unfortunate that he hit his "slump" at the end of the 2016. Is any slump planned? NO. Does it happen to most every player at one time or another? YES. And, I'm certain, there was no one that wanted to get back on track more than Brandon Moss. 

Cardinals Brandon Moss, second in home runs to teammate and buddy, Jedd Gyorko.

During the off-season, Cardinals have been linked to other higher priced outfielders on the free agent list; and, possible trades

Brandon Moss, in my mind, is a proven player for the Cardinals. Let's bring him back. A very worthy back-up for our outfield.....and, at first base. Besides, Gyorko needs his buddy back in the locker room and on the field.