FA Reliever Seth Maness, Trailblazer In Surgerical Procedures, Goes To Kansas City Royals

By Beth Chapman
Feb. 14, 2017

A rippling shock wave hit St. Louis Cardinals Nation when it was announced that reliever Seth Maness would be released into free agency this past off-season. Initially, thoughts were he would have to undergo Tommy John's surgery for his elbow issue which hit him late last season. However, the (what I have dubbed) 'Seth Maness Surgery' (SMS) was performed. The first for a MLB player. 

Former Cardinals reliever - ground ball specialist - Seth Maness was the first to go through an experimental elbow surgery in off-season.

Maness, mid-to-late inning reliever, was Cardinals ground ball - double play specialist. He would take the mound, one out on the board, one or two runners on, and shut the opposition down. The beauty of pitching. He was the first major league player to under go an experimental "alternative" elbow surgery, if successful, would cut recovery time down to weeks vs. months with TJ surgery. 

Maness' last mound appearance was last August. After "SMS", he was back on the mound mid-January. Had he undergone Tommy John's, his best case scenario - to be ready by Opening Day. However, days ago he was pitching off the mound with several teams in attendance. 

One week ago, per Derrick Goold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on Instagram:  "Scouts from at least 16 #MLB teams (#Cubs, #Royals, #Nationals, others) gather to see Seth Maness throw today at suburban STL school." 

Reported by John Viril, Fansided: Maness has been signed to a minor league deal by the Kansas City Royals. 

Per Viril: "With more than 20 teams at least considering him, and given that he signed a minor league deal with no more than $1.75 million in upside, I can’t imagine money was his primary concern. Instead, Kansas City’s unsettled bullpen combined with their strong defense and large park could have been the factors that drove Maness to KC." 

I only wish Seth Maness the best. I believe we will hear he has been called up to Kauffman Stadium early in the 2017. In my opinion, even coming back from surgery, the Royals signed a very solid reliever and quite the deal, to boot.