Okay ~ Onto The MLB Winter Meetings. Five Year CBA Agreement In Place

By Beth Chapman
Dec. 01, 2016

Just have to love the MLB owners and players CBA talks. Well, from a fan standpoint, maybe not so much. The talk of a "lockout" as of December 1. Essentially would have been fine since no games are being played at the moment. However, still a scary word as to the possible longevity and to spoil the upcoming MLB Winter Meetings. Coming down to the wire yesterday, owners and players agree to five more years of "peace and quiet" away from the table of labor negotiations. Fans ~ We have a deal.  

MLB owners and players association came to an agreement just hours before the current CBA was to expire.

"MLB announced Wednesday that the sides have agreed to a tentative deal spanning the 2017-21 seasons. Though some details have yet to be finalized and both players and owners will have to approve the agreement, baseball’s business can officially continue as usual." (Ben Nicholson-Smith, sportsnet.ca


The first round pick associated with those players offered a qualifying offer and decline. Onto free agency. MLB teams going forward will not have to give up the "FRP" to sign free agents. 

The remainder will be as "details emerged in reports late Wednesday, suggesting considerable changes ahead":

"The luxury tax will rise from $189 million to the $195 million range for 2017 before increasing to $210 million by the end of the agreement. Teams can spend up to those thresholds without penalties. However, teams that spend more than $250 million will be taxed heavily, potentially up to 90 per cent, and those penalties could effectively operate as a soft cap."

"The qualifying offer will continue to exist, but it's going to look much different starting next off-season. Teams will no longer have to surrender first-round picks to sign players who declined qualifying offers; instead, teams will give up third rounders if they're under the luxury tax or second and fifth rounders if they're over."

"The spending rules regulating international signing will also change, with a bonus cap worth approximately $5 million expected for all teams, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark. The international draft opposed by many players will not be implemented."

"Rosters will remain at 25 players for the first five months of the season instead of expanding to 26, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported."

• "The revenue sharing system will also be changed and off days will be added to the schedule, among many other smaller changes."

It will take awhile for these changes to be realized; and, for all to become accustom to. Yes, I'm sure, as mentioned, loopholes will be found. Just the nature of "wording" amiss. The upside is, MLB business of baseball may now continue as scheduled. SO, let the 'table games' begin at the Winter Meetings, December 4 - 8. Great news for the St. Louis Cardinals to continue to solidify their 2017 season roster plans. 

MLB Winter Meetings to be held a National Harbor, Maryland beginning this coming Sunday, December 4, 2016.