"Possible Postponement" With Final Preparations for Chicago Blackhawks ~ St. Louis Blues NHL 2017 Winter Classic.

By Beth Chapman
Dec. 30, 2016

Will the show go on as scheduled? The event of the half century for the St. Louis Blues as they begin their celebration honoring their 50th Anniversary in the National Hockey League. First time ever for the Blues, they will host the Chicago Blackhawks at Busch Stadium, January 2, 2017 for the NHL Winter Classic. Only three days away. 

The first event of 2017 at Busch Stadium. NHL 2017 Winter Classic.

Final preparations are being made, save one. By looking at the future forecast, Mother Nature is not working with the ground crew for the first ever such event in St. Louis' Busch Stadium. We are closing the month of December in the low 40's. Monday, January 2, the forecast is for the temperature to be upward of 55+ in the area along the mighty Mississippi River. Not only an unusual warming trend; but, rain is predicted, also, which is the biggest concern. Not a good combination for an outdoor ice rink. 

From reports, via 670 the Score in Chicago, the organizers are holding their breath as to what to expect. The Classic which has been in the works for months, feeling January, even in St. Louis, would be close to at least freezing temps, possible snow flying. By Mother Nature's accord is not to be. Therefore, hockey fans, there very well may be a postponement. So be prepared to hear the disappointing news. 

If so, will the event be played on Tuesday, January 3? No rain in the forecast, but the temp is still questionable as predictions indicate to be in the upper 40's, as high as 50 degrees. However, I'm sure the cooling unit beneath the ice would be working in full force. Weather-wise, the cold jet stream will not make an appearance until Wednesday, January 4 to see freezing temperatures and partly cloudy; which, both teams have that day off. However, they are scheduled for play January 5. But, both will be at home in their home arena's. The Blackhawks would have a short flight home afterwards and on short preparation for their game on Thursday. So, the match-up could be played Wednesday. "If" the event in not held Wednesday this coming week, another open date for both teams would be determined. 

Even with that said, I believe all will agree, this next week will be a go. The question will be, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. In my opinion, should rain fall on the designated date set ~ Tuesday, definitely an option; but, Wednesday would be the day of choice for the "Winter" Classic. For those fans who have purchased tickets, I'm just not sure how many would be able to attend mid-week this phenomenal and historic event.

Mother Nature is a force who does not compromise. Just a week and half ago, we saw sub-degree freezing weather. Evidently, she is saving a return of such for a later date.