What We Know - Cardinals Randal Grichuk Is Moving To Leftfield. What We Just Learned

By Beth Chapman
Jan. 16, 2017

The St. Louis Cardinals had to postpone their Winter Warm-Ups Friday and Saturday due to predicted ice storm heading into the area. Yesterday was the show went on. Fans had their autograph vouchers in hand for their favorite player(s), getting selfies with them - a great day in Cardinals Nation. Each of our Cardinals talked with the media before heading to their appointed seats to greet fans and sign their voucher. 

Announced early in the Cardinals offseason, CF Randal Grichuk would be moved to left field to replace the exiting Matt Holliday.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Cardinals, outfielder Randal Grichuk, revealed to the media, what had been going on for him in the off-season. Per Carly Schaber, KSDK, Grichuk, quietly and under the radar, had minor surgery done to his left knee. The surgery was done to remove loose cartilage which was causing him discomfort and seemingly became worse as the season progressed. Per Grichuk, "..... he felt some "clicking, soreness, and tightness" as the year went on." 

He had the procedure done early in the off-season. He's feeling good, back on a running regiment and back on track; to what I'm presuming, he is referring to complete recovery.  From what I'm reading 'In between the lines', he will be ready to go for Spring Training and the new season coming up. This is his first experience with any knee problems. 

Last season some fans noted that he didn't have the speed in centerfield that he needed. Maybe this is why. And, the back spasms that have bothered Grichuk, in the past, could very well have been from the left knee 'breaking down' with cartilage getting in the way of full mobility. You know ~ "The knee bone is connected to the leg bone. The leg bone is connected to the hip bone, and hip bone to the back bone" type of syndrome. Bottomline, if one part in our body is out of kilter, the body responds to overcome. Just not necessarily in a positive manner. 

With corrective surgery, we may see better results at the plate for Grichuk, also. All the body "pieces parts" work together for the best performance.