Did The Panthers Do The Right Thing In Handling Gallant?

All this past week, including this past weekend, I been hearing quite a bit of criticism about how the Florida Panthers fired head coach, Gerard Gallant.

Apparently, Gallant was immediately fired after last Sunday's (Nov. 27) game.

Gallant even took his bags and got into a taxi cab after being fired.

Quite a few former NHL head coaches such as Don Cherry thought Gallant was poorly mistreated by the team.

Cherry said on Coach's Corner on CBC Television that Florida could've waited until the team got to the next town.

Cherry went on to say it was a disgrace for a team such as Florida to fire the head coach in front of the players.

Honestly, I agree with Cherry about firing Gallant in front of his players (or former players now).  Things such as that ought to be done in private.

The fact Gallant was fired right after the game?  I'm on the fence.

In today's NHL, no coaching job is safe.