What Caused The Rangers To Lose The ALDS? Bad Pitching And Untimely Errors

It is obvious to me that the Texas Rangers didn't come to play for the American League Divisional Series.

The question is why?

I have no idea.

How is it that a team such as the Toronto Blue Jays, who just squeaked their way into the postseason, swept the best team in the A.L. Western Division.

What happened to Texas anyway?

Well, untimely errors were just a few things that cause Texas to lose the series.

Pitching was also a problem for Texas.  The team ended the series with a 6.18 earned run average.


The Blue Jays out scored Texas 27-10 in the series.

That's absurd.

Although I'm happy the Jays won, I'm also puzzled on how bad the Rangers played.

Last night's game was probably the best that the Rangers played throughout the series.  Unfortunately, it ended with an error in the 10th inning that scored the winning run for the Jays.

Fitting isn't it.