Dario Saric Pressured As a Starter

Last year, Dario Saric had an outstanding year. He was the leader of the team, when Joel wasn't on the court. He shot 41% from the field, and averaged a solid 12.7 points per game. This year, that is not the case. He is only averaging 7 points, and 1.4 assists per game. I think that this is because of the pressure put onto him after his breakout rookie season. He didn't start right away, and with Markelle Fultz and JJ Redick out, he has tried to fill their role. He hasn't yet shown the Dario that we were all used to last season, but he should get into a groove as the season goes on. Dario said, "The game is moving a lot faster than last year." It may be that other teams know about him, and they know how to defend him. But it is most likely that all of the pressure of filling in two key roles for the team is really taking a tole on his game. There is no question that the sixers fans will still believe in him, it is just a question if he will believe in himself. Sixers play tonight at 7 against the Pacers. Hopefully, Dario can break his cold streak tonight.