The Redskins Need to Free Cousins

By AaronTan
Mar. 10, 2017

It could not be more clear: Kirk Cousins does not want to stay in Washington. He wants to reunite with his old coach Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco, and the Redskins are not granting him that opportunity.

This is bad for three sides of the deal. First, Kirk Cousins is obviously not happy in Washington, so he is a loser. Second, the Redskins will have to keep on tagging Cousins without reaching a long-term deal, so they are also perennial losers. Finally, the 49ers are also losers in this. They need a quarterback, and Cousins would fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense like a glove.

Washington has been rumored to hire Mike Mayock to replace Scot McLoughlan as their General Manager, so here is what the Redskins need to do that would be ideal for all sides of this fiasco. Mayock loves DeShone Kizer, the potential #1 quarterback in the NFL Draft, so he can swap first round picks with San Francisco in exchange for Cousins. The Redskins get their quarterback of the future, and the 49ers get Cousins while still getting a first round pick. This is a perfect deal, and one can hope that this occurs when Mayock gets hired as the Redskins GM.