Bowl Picks

By ExtendingthePlay
Dec. 29, 2016

Now is the time when we get to see if any of us actually know what we are talking about, or if we are just full of it. It's bowl picks.

Mike Beck is my featured picker as we picked 10 games to focus in on our Pick 'Em.

Who got it right?

Mike and I agreed more than I thought we would, but our big difference came in our difference of the National Championship game. 

Mike doesn't even think Clemson will get there, and I have them getting there and beating Bama to win it all. 

Mike said the Crimson Tide are "simply bigger, faster, stronger and more disciplined than any other team." 

He goes on to add that "Alabama's added threat of a running quarterback and two of the best receivers in the country will allow their offense to make enough plays to win any game."

For me, it came down to unfinished business. This Clemson team is not satisfied at all with this season unless it ends in a confetti shower and them holding a trophy.

Clemson has one of the best big game players in Deshaun Watson and they will get the bounces they didn't get last year to win it all.

Think I'm wrong? Wanna see other picks? Lemme know! Comment below or on FB