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SportsBlog’s design makes it easy for you to add a new post to your blog, wherever you are on the site. 1. Once you’re logged into your account, click on the Pencil Icon in the SportsBlog navigation bar, located on the top right of your screen. This icon appears on all pages if you are logged into your account. 2. The SportsBlog Post editor screen will open. If you belong to multiple blogs, you can choose which blog to post to from this screen. Just choose the blog you want from the dropdown in the top right of the editor. 3. Once you’ve finished writing your blog entry, click on the Publish button on the right side of the screen and add up to 5 tags. You can also choose to share your post on Twitter of Facebook from the publish dropdown. That’s all it takes to create and publish posts to your SportsBlog! Have fun creating awesome original content for your blog.

Yes, you can change the name of you blog at any time. Once you’re logged into your account, go to blog settings. Here you can update your blog name, slogan, and description.

Yes, you can change the URL of you blog or upgrade to pro to use a custom domain. Once you’re logged into your account, go to settings. Here you can update your existing URL or use a custom URL.

Your SportsBlog membership includes access to our expert social media team. When we highlight the best SportsBlog content on our own social media channels, it drives more readers to those blogs. How to let our team know you've posted something awesome: - Tweet us at @SportsBlog - Message us on - Talk to us on Google+ - Connect with us on Instagram - Find us on LinkedIn - Watch us on YouTube Please understand that we can't promote every blog post on our social media. But letting us know you've published a new post is a great way to put yourself on our radar.

In short, the best way to get your posts featured is to write timely well written content. Post that have more traffic, likes and shares will organically show up on the homepage and team pages. However, the SportsBlog staff is always looking for great content to feature. If your post catches the eye of the staff at SportsBlog it may get featured on both the homepage and team pages.

Tip #1: Make Your Opinion Count One of the great things about sports blogging is that it involves opinions. If you're going to be sure your blog attracts some attention from a larger group of readers, make sure your opinion is a little different from the others that are out there online. If you're not sure, do a search in the area you'd like to focus on to see what others are blogging about. If sarcasm is your game, make use of it in your blog. Your readers love to laugh, and they'll appreciate being entertained while they read your take on this year's fantasy football predictions. Tip #2: Build a Community Any blogger will tell you that the key to building your readership is to engage them. It's not enough just to offer them some information on last night's hockey playoff game, or even to give them your opinion on who the Cowboys should draft this year. The truth is, your readers don't care as much about what you think as they do about whether or not you care about what they think. So, ask them questions in your blog. Get them talking. Make them want to comment on what you write. Be controversial if you want to be. Once you can get them talking and commenting, you'll find that they're eager to come back again and again. Tip #3: Stick with it. What happens with many bloggers is that they get excited about writing their blog posts, and they write a few really good ones. Then, they start tapering off because they don't get the amount of readers they thought they would. It can be discouraging, for sure, when you're not attracting the number of people you think you should. Even so, don't give up. Just like rock stars don't pick up a microphone and automatically get a record deal, great bloggers are created in time. The more you share your posts on social media, and the more you engage and entertain your readers, the quicker your readership will grow. However, it might take a while. Your patience will pay off, and it won't be long before you have a nice little following. Trust us.

To use a custom domain you will need to upgrade to a pro account. Once you've upgraded you can add your custom domain in the blog settings. You will then need to update the A Record with your registrar.

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