Easy Rules of Volleyball for Beginners

By brandon johnson
May. 22, 2020

Volleyball is a fun and dynamic six-player game that puts a lot of emphasis on well-coordinated teamwork. You can enjoy it all year round, as it is played both indoors and outdoors.

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Volleyball was designed by William G. Morgan, a 25-year-old athletic director in Massachusetts, USA, as an indoor sport that women, children and the elderly can easily enjoy. The first day of play, February 9, 1895, is said to be the birth day. The original name was Mintonette. It comes from badminton.

Position of the teams

The six players from each team are strategically positioned around the field to cover it well. In the rear right part of the field, you have the server. The remaining positions are: right front, center front, left front, left back and center back.

Volleyball rules

Volleyball is played by swapping the ball over a net in the middle of the field. Two opposing teams exchange the ball, using their hands, so that it passes over the net and touches the ground on the opposing team's ground. If they succeed, they earn a point. The team that wins the point, obtains the right to serve and the game continues until one of the teams reaches 25 points, at least two points ahead.

The home team may touch the ball three times before returning it. It is not permitted to catch, transport or throw the ball and no player may touch the ball twice in a row.

Usually, teams use their three-hit right to send the ball to opponents' field by hitting it hard down near the net. The last of the three strokes, the "smash", is the main attack in volleyball. The "block" is the most important defensive movement.

When the home team wins an exchange, and therefore the right to serve, its players move one position clockwise, so that each player plays in all positions during 'a match.

The volleyball shots you should know-


This movement is used to gain a point by directing the ball down forcefully towards an unprotected part of the field. To do this, jump high near the net and hit the ball with a closed fist.


To do this move, hold your hands, arms outstretched and wrists facing upward, and meet the ball with your wrists. It is a powerful movement that can send the ball over the net from any position on the field.

The pass

Place your palms up and use your fingers to direct the ball precisely. It is a technique to send the ball up. It is also a good move to send the ball to a teammate who is near the net allowing him to make a smash.

Volleyball learning

With practice, volleyball rules are easy to learn and hitting skills are improved fairly quickly. Once you learn the game, you can enjoy the sport all year round, while keeping your physical condition, not to mention the satisfaction of being part of a sports team.