Should There Be A Gold Glove Award For Utility Players Or Even There Own Award?

By Billy Patterson
Aug. 18, 2020

Receiving a Gold Glove is a very high honor for a baseball player; it’s recognition for being the best defender at your position in your respective league.

Traditionally, Gold Gloves are given out to the best defensive player at each defensive position.



First Baseman

Second Baseman


Third Baseman


Side note: Recently the MLB changed the way they award Gold Gloves to outfielders; In the past it was just given to three outfielders regardless of which outfield position they played, but the rule has changed so that Gold Gloves are awarded to the best defensive outfielder at each outfield position.

My question for you is should we award a Gold Glove to the best defensive utility player?

There’s been a rise in everyday utility players switching positions from game to game but consistently being in the starting lineup instead of being bench players and defensive replacements.

The most notable of these everyday utility players is Ben Zobrist who is arguably the original everyday utility player.

I believe the best multi-position player should receive at least some sort award or honor to highlight just how difficult and special it is to have the ability to play a multitude of positions while consistently being in the starting lineup every day.

While there would be some difficulties with determining who is and isn’t a true utility player and if they should have their own award similar to relievers having their own award for each league or if they should at least be eligible for something like a Gold Glove specifically given to utility players just as the other traditional positions get their own Gold Glove awards.

The main difficulty of this would be how many games would you have to play at multiple positions in order to be eligible for the award? I would suggest at least 30-35 games at multiple positions in order to be eligible for this hypothetical award.

Perhaps have an individual award for a utility player in each league, maybe call it the Ben Zobrist Award since he was really the original everyday utility player.

But what do you think? I would love some feedback from anyone.

I am done.