Why Chris Archer Should Become A Reliever

By Billy Patterson
Aug. 13, 2020

Despite a fairly good start to his career in Tampa Bay with an All-Star appearance in 2015; Archer has seen a rapid decline ever since the second half of that season. Even with another All-Star appearance in 2017 Archer still hasn’t lived up to the hype.

I believe the Pirates or another team should turn Archer into a relief pitcher to maximize his production.

Archer has had many struggles pitching deep into games ever since 2018 and has averaged a little over 5 innings per start and has an ERA hovering around 5.00.

But let’s look at Archer’s strengths

Archer’s career K/9 average is 9.8 and his HR/9 is 1.1 though it has increased to 1.7 since joining the Pirates.

Archer has very high velocity even for today’s MLB which puts an emphasis on velocity.

Not to mention recent examples of Fireballer pitchers having success after going from the rotation to the bullpen.

Big names such as Andrew Miller,Archie Bradley,Wade Davis, and many more have had career turn arounds after moving into a bullpen role where they could take advantage of their talents and reach their peak pitching production.

There are obvious obstacles with Archer though; as mentioned before his HR/9 has increased since being traded to Pittsburgh in July of 2018. He also has control issues with a BB/9 of 3.8 and a WHIP of 1.39 since joining Pittsburgh.

But many of the other pitchers who made the transition from starter to reliever had similar issues and I believe with the right pitching coach Archer could have the same turn around those other pitchers did and could possibly be better than those other pitchers.

So that’s why I think Chris Archer should be moved to the bullpen whenever he’s healthy again.

I am done.