How The Boston Celtics Will Benefit From Jayson Tatum Development

Usually in basketball the team with the best players win. Yeah, that’s a fact that tends to be true across every level of the game, whether it be high-school, college, or the NBA.

The brings us evaluate what is considered as the Boston Celtics’ best player, Kyrie Irving. How often his performance on the floor makes us think that he is the best player? how often he outperforms his teammates? How often is he better than the other team’s best player? Often times Luka Doncic looks like a better player than Kyrie.

The same analogy can be done when looking at our two max contracts Al Horford and Gordon Hayward. Do they really play better than other teams’ max contracts?

If we go down this analogy we also should compare the Celtic’s younger players against other teams’ younger players. Even though is considered that the Celtics younger roster is superior, based on our high draft picks on recent years, it’s also important to evaluate if these players have continue to improve.

This brings me back to my point, our players are not really better than other teams’ and that becomes a problem. As I said, in basketball the team with the better players usually win.

Having said that it’s worth to mention that when younger players rise in skill ‘bad’ teams performance rise along with them, making them win more games on the season.

One thing that could happen and will hopefully will, for the betterment of this team, is that Jayson Tatum rises as this big star that the Celtics need. Besides him I don’t see any major improvements from any other player in the team, that includes Hayward, Jaylen, Rozier, or even Kyrie.

So would Tatum rise to the call? well, I don’t expect this to happen from one day to the other. Hopefully we will see some major leaps during this season. He needs to start hitting his mid range shot and also his three pointer. He also needs to improve his ability to create valuable scenarios for the team.

Surely when that happens other players will start to respond around him. All this will bring the Celtics to that championship caliber team.