Buffalo Bills Fans Deserve Better

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The dog and pony show in Buffalo needs to stop and someone with a true vision needs to build a team worthy of their fan base. The fans want a return to the playoffs and the only way something long lasting can be accomplished is with a true plan. The days of hiring guys like Rex Ryan whose presence will get you the occasional Monday night game or signing Terrell Owens so you have top jersey sales need to come to an end immediately and the Bills need a coach who can win long term in Buffalo. Entire football operations needs an overhaul and I would scour the front offices of teams like the Cowboys (Will McClay), Atlanta (Scott Pioli), former Broncos GM (Ted Sundquist), are just a few names that come to mind.

The equally critical hiring will be the head coach and I have the perfect guy but first I want to bring you to understand my evaluation of the position of head coach of the Buffalo Bills. You first need an offensive minded coach but not just any offensive minded coach someone who has a system that works in the elements you would face in Buffalo. No benefit to have a pass heavy system when November and December come rolling into Buffalo. You would want a guy with a proven track record of winning in multiple areas of similar weather. This eliminates the idea of his system only working because he had a superstar player. Next you prefer a coach with NFL experience as there is no reason to learn on the job at this level. The experience of having gone through several NFL calendar years is invaluable.

The slam dunk choice if I were the Pegula family would be Wisconsin head coach, Paul Chryst as the next Buffalo Bills head coach. Chryst has won at the University of Pittsburgh as well as Wisconsin. He was an assistant coach with the San Diego Chargers and would bring in the advantage for at least the next several season of in-depth knowledge on many future draft eligible players. Chryst knows what it takes to win when the weather gets nasty and at 51 years old he has the perfect amount of experience and eye for talent to lead the Buffalo Bills back to the playoffs and lay the groundwork for many successful seasons. Paul comes from a football family as his brother, Geep, coached in the NFL and his brother, Rick, was Mid-American Conference commissioner. If I were the Pegula family I would strongly consider investing not only in Paul but the entire Chryst family. It has worked out well in Dallas where Jason Garrett’s brother Judd is in the front office and his brother John was their tight end coach for a few seasons.  After hiring Paul Chryst the next move would be drafting a long term answer at quarterback and a strong defensive coordinator.  Bills fans deserve a coach as passionate as they are about football.