Premier League predictions (GWK11 - 31/10/16)

Hi sports fans!

After a great game week 10 we are ready for a thrilling week 11. For the first time in Premier League history three teams are all square at the top of the table after game week ten.

Liverpool VS Watford: With one of the teams soaring high and huge title contenders and the other slightly struggling in the top half of the table this is a game that should have Liverpool written all over it. With the pace and discipline that they are showing in Midfield and Up front, the Reds shold plough through Watfords defence. However Liverpool are yet to sort out their defence as their are always costly errors made at the back in almost everyone game. If the Reds can get this right I reckon they will have a comfortable 3-1 win.

Manchester City VS Middlesbrough: So it's the battle of the M's at the Eithad in Manchester. After a much needed solid win for City and Middlesbrough on saturday makes both teams equal contenders. I wouldn't rule Middlesbrough out after the way they have played so far this season after being promoted last season. It will be a tough game but City will win 2-1.

Burnley VS Palace: A game between two teams with equal ability. This will be a good challenge for Palace as they haven't won in 6 games against an in form Burnley who have beaten the likes of Watford, Everton and Liverpool and also getting draws out of teams like United. I think it will be a good game but will end as a 1-1 draw.

Chelsea VS Everton: This game will be a firecracker at the top of the table. With only 2 points between the two sides either way, whatever team wins will go above the other. I believe it will be a game that is decided by what teams has more of the ball. I think it will be a 2-2 draw.

West Ham VS Stoke: Two teams who both played well last season but are well behind this season, this game will be a good one. I think because West Ham have a home advantage they will win 1-0.

Bournemouth VS Sunderland: Another fixture between two 'bad' clubs. I think this game will be a boring 0-0.

Arsenal VS Tottenham: The first official top clash of the EPL 2016/17. Two 'title-contending teams' play each other in a fiery derby in a crucial stage in the league. With Arsenal looking like the current stronger team by quite a bit, Spurs have their work cut out. I reckon if Spurs top men rise up to the event then i reckon Arsenal are in for a 2-1 scare!

Southampton VS Hull: After a big loss at Saint Mary's for Southampton, They are going to need a big boost in the league, and this is the perfect chance for the Saints to get that. Hull look very weak so far. After coming up from the championship last season, they have struggled. The first three games of the season were great for them, but ever since that loss against United they have dropped their performance quality. I think Southampton should win 2-0.

Manchester United VS Swansea: Well, it's gone from bad to worse for United as they have been losing and drawing games left, right and centre. I think Swansea could win if they sought their defence out and have the same attacking power as they did against Liverpool. At full time i think Swansea will walk away with a point from a goalless draw.

Leicester VS West Brom: After a few recent wins in the league, Leicester are getting their league campaign back together. A game against West Brom will be good for them as it will test their ability against 'weaker squads' As well as how they play overall. I think this should be a simple 3-1 victory for the Foxes!

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