Top Ten Cricket Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

By Racheal Brown
Nov. 11, 2019

Invented in England, cricket is a very popular game. This is also the national game of England. However, in India, cricket has a special meaning. Here it is really difficult not to get influenced by this sport. If you are a cricket lover, then this post is for you. Here we will talk about the top ten cricket facts that will surely blow your mind.

Fact #1

In the history of over 137 years of Test cricket, there's only one batsman who hit the first ball in a Test match for a six. Do you know his name? Well, the answer is Audacious Chris Gayle. In 2012, he hit the first ball of a Test match for six. The bowler was Bangladeshi debutant Sohag Gazi.

Fact #2

Vinod Kambli is the childhood friend of Sachin Tendulkar, and surprisingly his Test match average is better than Sachin. He has played total 17 Test matches that include two back to back double centuries. The average of Kambli is 54.20. After playing 200 Tests, Sachin Tendulkar's average is 53.78.

Fact #3

Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is renowned for bowling the fastest delivery in the history of cricket. In 2003 world cup which was played in South Africa one of his deliveries had the pace of 100.23 miles per hour.

Fact #4

How many runs can you score in a single over? You might be thinking 36 or a few more. Well, the answer is 77. In a match between Canterbury and Wellington, a batsman hit 77 runs in just a single over against the bowler R.H Vance. Don’t scratch your head – it’s true!

Fact #5

Back in 1983, a one-day cricket game was a 60 over match. And India is the only team who won a 60-over, 50-over and 20-over World Cup.

Fact #6

The late great Don Bradman is renowned as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. He is known for his classic batting style. He only hit six sixes in his international career.

Fact #7

A Test match is a five-day battle where two teams play 4 innings in total. In 2000, a Test match between England and West Indies ended within a single day. The same thing also happened in 2011 in a match between Australia and South Africa

Fact #8

There are only 3 batsmen who hit double-hundred in one-day cricket. All of them are Indians.

Fact #9

Alec Stewart is a former English cricketer who was also the captain of the England cricket team and played both Test cricket and one-day matches for his country. He was born on 8-4-63, and he also scored 8463 Test runs.

Fact #10

Peter Siddle is the only bowler in international cricket who took a hat-trick on his birthday. He did this on November 25, 2010, in a Test match against England.

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