Do You Get Paid to Play Fantasy Football?

By Racheal Brown
Jun. 17, 2019

Fantasy football has become a big part of NFL fandom and culture over the past few years. More and more fantasy leagues and players pop up each season, and it isn’t unusual at all for die hard NFL fans to play in multiple leagues at once. Fantasy football has grown in popularity for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is how accessible it is to the everyday fan. Anyone with an internet connection or smart phone can play fantasy football, and many people don’t even know all that much about football when they get started.

What’s at stake?

If you are completely new to the world of fantasy football, you may be wondering if money is involved. The answer depends on the league you are playing in. Many fantasy football leagues only compete for bragging rights and are completely free to participate in, while others require a membership fee that is usually combined and awarded to the league champion at the end of the season.

Many fantasy football players take their teams and leagues very seriously and devote a great deal of time to setting their lineups, researching player positions, and closely following the NFL schedule. Naturally, this has led to many players looking to play for bigger stakes and larger cash prizes. Some fantasy football players even end up pursuing fantasy football as a full time job of sorts, but is this really a viable option? Here’s a look at a few ways people are earning money playing fantasy football.

Cash leagues

As mentioned, a great deal of veteran fantasy football players looking to make money with their fantasy skills opts to participate in cash leagues. There is a great deal of risk associated with this approach, as even the most experienced and skilled fantasy players are ultimately at the mercy of how their players perform on the field. At the end of the day, though, any form of fantasy sports is going to be a risk. If you are confident in your fantasy skills, participating in a few cash leagues at the same time is a great way to start making money with fantasy football.

Daily fantasy leagues

Another popular form of fantasy football these days is daily leagues. Instead of drafting one set of players for the entire season like a more traditional fantasy experience, daily leagues give players the opportunity to choose a set of players for just one day. These types of leagues will probably be more appealing to fantasy players looking to earn money on a more daily or even regular basis. Of course, this approach again comes with a certain degree of risk, and you are going to have to pay an entry fee to participate in the daily contests in the first place.

Fantasy coaching

Perhaps the most surefire way to make money playing fantasy football is to work as a fantasy coach or advisor. These types of positions are suited for very experienced players who can recite WR rankings by memory or name the top 10 players in the league off the top of their head. Fantasy football coaches can enjoy playing fantasy football, while simultaneously advising newer players for a steady paycheck.

Fantasy football appeals to virtually all demographics, be it diehard fans of the NFL, casual NFL fans, or even people who aren’t all that familiar with the NFL in general. Participating in a fantasy league with friends or co-workers is a social event as much as it is a competition. Many people who begin playing fantasy football casually with friends end up becoming engrossed in the game and eventually become much more knowledgeable and competitive fantasy players and NFL fans.