Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About KLIM

By Racheal Brown
Mar. 30, 2019

If you are interested in entering the exciting world of motorsports there is a lot to consider. First of all, the term “motorsports” can encompass a number of different activities, ranging from race cars, motorcycles, and snowmobiles to off-roading trips. While the term “motorsport” is typically used to describe a race or competition, you certainly don’t have to be a professional motocross or NASCAR driver to join the global culture and community of millions who enjoy going outside with a motor vehicle and getting their hands dirty.

The world of motorsports and off-roading is as much a lifestyle as it is a professional sport or competition, and it is important to have the right gear and clothing for your motorsport adventures. So, where can you find motorsport clothing and accessories? One of the most popular and well-respected brands in the motosport clothing industry is KLIM. Let’s take a closer look.

KLIM history

KLIM was founded in 1999, and is currently located and based out of Rigby, Idaho. The KLIM brand was acquired by Polaris Industries in 2012, and has functioned as a subsidiary of Polaris Industries ever since. Polaris Industries is a publicly traded manufacturer of ATV and snowmobile vehicles, and has even worked with the United States government to produce military defense vehicles. In 2017, Polaris made over $5 billion in sales!

KLIM snowmobile gear

One of the KLIM brand’s specialties is the production of snowmobile clothing, accessories, and protective gear. Going out snowmobiling can expose riders to extremely cold temperatures and intense winter weather, so retailers like Chaparral Motorsports sell KLIM gear including everything from socks, boots, and gloves to insulated outerwear, speciality glasses and eyewear, and even protective padding and vests.

While no one wants to imagine a bad situation can occur while snowmobiling, it is also very important to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Luckily, KLIM also offers affordable survival packs and first aid kits.

Planning a snowmobile trip with the whole family? KLIM has snowmobile gear for men, women, and children.

KLIM motorcycle gear

KLIM offers a full variety of motorcycle gear and clothing for both novice and experienced riders. It is essential to properly protect yourself while riding a motorcycle, whether off-roading or riding on the highway. KLIM’s extensive collection of motorcycle helmets are perfect for providing head protection while riding. After you’ve picked out a helmet, be sure to find a pair of goggles that will match your style, provide optimal vision, and protect your eye health. Besides helmets and goggles, KLIM also has a great selection of motorcycle jackets specially designed to withstand high levels of speed and provide added comfort and protection. You can count on KLIM for all of your motorcycle clothing needs including boots, gloves, pants, and even tools such as knives and sheaths.

KLIM off-roading gear

Things can get messy going off roading, either on a motorcycle or an ATV, and it is important to expect the unexpected. KLIM off roading gear can help you tackle any off road course or path with a full selection of helmets, jerseys, and dust suits. KLIM uses gore-tex material to produce the highest quality off roading gear that is also very comfortable. There are a number of off roading KLIM collections available to choose from, depending on the exact type and intensity of off roading activities you intend to participate in.

KLIM lifestyle gear

As much as some of us would like to, one can’t spend all of their time off-roading or snowmobiling. With this in mind, KLIM also offers a lifestyle collection of clothing intended for more casual days filled with friends and relaxation. Hoodies, shirts, hats, and socks are available for men, women, and children.