How to Best Use Mascots

By Racheal Brown
Apr. 02, 2019

What are mascots? First off, it is not something that can be termed as so new. They have been around for the longest time ever, and you have bumped into a couple in most of the sports events that you have been to. In simple terms, they are fictional representatives of a sports team (sports mascots), a brand and so on.

There is something about the mascot costumes that get the crowd all cheery and excited. It is for this reason that you will never miss them in one of these events. They are also used in charity events and marketing campaigns. It is worth noting that mascots for marketing business work a little bit different. While they might not exactly get the crowd to cheer, they will bring some buzz around your brand. Now, if you are looking up to sports teams for ideas on how to use mascots: since they tend to deliver a significant impact, here are the key points to pick.

1. Sports managers stay away from legal drama

As much as the sports team seem to be the biggest fans of the mascots, they are still cautious about it. The sports managers know very well that the same mascots could get them into trouble and ruin the whole thing. For that reason, the managers see to it that their mascots are copyrighted before they get them into business. No one wants to go for a trial for stealing someone else’s idea. If you are looking to use them for marketing your insurance business, keep that in mind for peace sake.

2. Sports managers choose mascots that represent their teams

This goes without saying. The whole idea of having mascots in your fleet is to get the crowd to identify with your team or brand. If you look carefully, you will notice that the mascots represent the team players and so on. Use mascots to mirror your brand: plain and simple.

3. Mascots will not miss in sports events

You will never miss a mascot in an NFL game! What message does that pass? You need to put them into use more often. The more the teams use them, the more the team gets recognized by the crowd. The concept is still the same even for your organization. Use them frequently for a more effective brand awareness campaign.

4. Sports teams work with the best graphic designers

The sports mascots for the different teams you have come across look perfect, which makes the crown fall even harder, right? Well, you need to understand that for the mascots to turn out that way, some work was put in. Hire the best for best results. Sports teams are usually particular about the kind of skill they hire. This must be the reason why most of the things they do turn out successful.

Likewise, you should set aside a reasonable budget for an excellent graphic designer to create your mascot.

While you are at it, remember that mascots are there to pass a message regarding your brand: ensure that the message sent is the right one.