Top 10 Ways to Build Your Muscles in 2019

By Racheal Brown
Sep. 04, 2019

There are plenty of good reasons why you make working out part of your lifestyle. Whether you want to get stronger, look better, feel healthier, or compete in bodybuilding competitions, building muscles is vital. This fitness blog is packed with helpful information on how to train and fuel yourself for optimum physical appearance and performance.

You should not be intimidated even if you are new to the fitness world. These tips for gaining muscle are useful for all experience levels.

1. Replenish Protein Reserves

Protein is required for building muscles through protein synthesis. However, your body uses up protein reserves during daily activities. You should be consuming enough protein to replenish the amount your body requires to function. Then, you should drink even more so that you can accumulate extra muscle mass.

2. Consume More Meat

In general, you should eat about one gram of protein for each pound of your total weight. Meat is one of the most efficient ways to get your daily amount of protein. Chicken breast is a good, lean form of protein.

3. Consume More Calories

You will need to eat more calories to put on more muscle. This does not mean that you should eat sugar or saturated fats. Depending on how much muscle you want to gain, you could need to increase your intake by up to 500 calories a day.

4. Start with Big Muscle Groups

This tip works whether you are a beginner or fitness pro. You are bound to see the most immediate gains from working your most prominent muscle groups, such as your chest, legs, or back. You should aim for three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise for your muscles to grow through hypertrophy.

5. Drink a Protein Shake

It is recommended that you drink a protein shake before your workout so that your body gets its required amount of essential amino acids. Studies have shown that those who drink protein shakes before they exercised had more effective protein synthesis.

6. Lift Weights on Alternating Days

You need about 48 hours of rest between each lifting session for maximum results. Your muscles are in recovery mode in between lifting, and this is when they grow. The protein synthesis process occurs when you are post-workout.

7. Consume Carbs After a Workout

Use your post-workout time for carb consumption. This will replenish your energy levels and give you the most dramatic results in terms of muscle building. Carbs will raise your insulin levels, which prevents proteins from breaking down in your body after a workout.

8. Eat More Frequently

You should plan to eat about every three hours or so throughout the day. Be sure that you are consuming at least some protein at each meal. This keeps your body from using up its protein reserves too quickly.

9. Enjoy Some Ice Cream

After you work out, make your recovery meal a bowl of ice cream occasionally. This is an excellent way to get your insulin levels up immediately. You will stop the breakdown of proteins before your body has a chance to start.

10. Drink Milk at Night

Try to drink one glass of milk within an hour of going to sleep. The combination of protein and carbs in milk will help you maintain your protein levels as you sleep. You could also swap out the milk for cottage cheese and some fruit. Even while you are sleeping, your body is busy breaking down proteins.