By Bob Filler
Mar. 02, 2020

If someone thinks that he has absolutely no flexibility, then he is mistaken. People do stretching all the time. When you wake up or get up after a long sitting, you stretch - this is what stretching is. It is nice and natural. The very nature of us implies the pleasure of stretching workouts, as it makes the muscles and joints more flexible and mobile, thereby maintaining people's health. If you do the stretching exercises correctly, then you can get real pleasure from the process and developing body flexibility.

Stretching is a type of very simple physical exercise aimed at making the body more mobile, stretching and lengthening the body and limbs. The flexibility that a person has depends on the level of stretching . Everyone can get a good stretch, and even those who are by nature more flexible than other people lose this ability over the years if they do not keep themselves in shape. Stretching workouts via skype is becoming more popular today.

If you decide to start stretching to become more flexible and help your joints stay healthy for as long as possible, it's just fine. If at first the body hardly stretches, do not be discouraged. After a short period of regular classes, you will notice significant progress, no matter what age you begin to practice. There are several rules that will make the stretching process faster and easier.

Always warm up before exercise. A few minutes of exercise on the muscles you want to stretch will make the session much more effective. Ligaments will warm up, and this can protect them from injury. The room in which you practice should not be cold, as the body will not be able to relax, and the effect of stretching in this case will be much lower.

Many beginners believe that you can quickly stretch out, with large amplitude making sharp movements with the limbs . But in reality, this is the worst way to stretch, which experts have recognized as harmful to health. Firstly, it is so easy to damage the ligaments, making an uncontrollably wide movement. Secondly, a good stretch is still not acquired. In no case should you reach out through pain. This is not only a very unpleasant, but also a very traumatic way.

The following technique is considered the best option for stretching. You take the pose necessary to stretch specific muscles or joints, then stretch slowly, approaching the moment when a sensation bordering on pain appears. Stay and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. Best about a minute. At the very beginning of stretching exercises you may not be able to hold out for more than 15 seconds. Over time, this time will increase. For about 20-30 seconds, the muscles resist stretching, and then relax, it is then that flexibility begins to increase. The border of pain is shifting, the next time you will already feel more stretched. You yourself will notice how muscle tension decreases while you are in a pose of static stretching.

Try to keep your muscles and ligaments stretched symmetrically. If either side is behind, give it more attention. A few weeks - and this situation will be fully compensated, your progress will be uniform.