Giants Using Video of Guy Boxing Kangaroo as Motivation for Game vs Cowboys (Video)

By footbasket
Dec. 11, 2016

I assume Ben McAdoo was trying to teach his team about standing up for and protecting each other in spite of anything?

The New York Giants have a small shot at winning the NFC East, but that calls for them getting past the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night before thinking about anything else.

Hoping to motivate and relax his team, McAdoo made them watch this hilarious video of a guy rumbling with a kangaroo, who was bullying his dog.

“We have to stay hungry. We have to be hungry, and it’s time to … it’s time to eat,” McAdoo told The New York Post. “We had one with a man and a kangaroo. It’s a video on the internet that’s gone viral. The kangaroo had his dog in a headlock, and he bopped the kangaroo in the nose. It was a fist fight between the kangaroo and the man.”

Awesome tactic.

-- ThaCover2