Why Floyd Mayweather Is Getting Sued by Las Vegas Nightclub for $35,000

By footbasket
Dec. 13, 2016

Money Mayweather changed his mind, and maybe $35,000 wasn’t enough?

According to TMZ Sports, the SLS Hotel in Vegas is suing TBE for $35,000 over Floyd Mayweather backing out of a deal to host his 39th birthday party at their Foxtail Nightclub on February 20.

All Floyd had to do was show up … host the party and do the red carpet — and bam, easy $35,000.

The SLS says he even got half the money in advance.

Problem is … Floyd allegedly bailed at the last-minute so he could “stay in Europe for his birthday.”

Obviously, the club was pissed … and demanded the advance back, which Floyd has allegedly refused to fork over.

The SLS is suing for the money back, plus additional damages.

-- ThaCover2