Falcons Finalizing Plans

Mar. 22, 2019

With most of the highly sought after talent has found a new home in this years free agency class and those with cap space now expended, teams will be looking to finalize their signings and look ahead to the upcoming draft. For the Falcons there may be a few more moves that can be taken to fill some holes that may not be available during the draft. Like the talent of Justin Houston who could slide in to the defensive end position to play alongside Vic Beasley. Houston has been in talks with the Colts and a deal may be in the works there, so where else can the Falcons look for a solid pass rusher. Former Falcon, Adrian Clayborn, could be a strong play that would not cost the Falcons too much cap. Clayborn had a strong showing as a Falcon playing a key role in the defense alongside Vic Beasley. Clayborn then departed to go to New England before becoming a fee agent. Clayborn could be a short term target, but with less than $6 million in cap space left, it may be in the best interest of the Falcons to hold on to the cap and carry it in to helping pay for extensions for young talent. There is enough depth in this years draft on the defensive line to get a potential prospect to grow. The Falcons could even look to get some strong interior help if the draft does not pan out in the form of Ndamukong Suh. Paired with Grady Jarrett in the interior the interior would be set for at least a season. Suh's asking price may be higher than what the Falcon's would want to dish out for what would be an, at most, 2 year venture. The interior class is also extremely deep this class with many first-round talents. It will be interesting to see what the Falcons decide to use to approach this draft. Especially with Deandre Baker being within sights early in the draft after the release of Robert Alford early in the offseason. It does seem that things may be leaning towards Deandre Baker being the pick for the Falcons but if a big name talent that filled a crucial hole such as Ed Oliver fell to the Falcons with their pick it would be hard to pass up on such a talent that could be a direct plug and play