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By Alim Hossain
Oct. 21, 2018

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs Live

The Dodgers entered Game 7 one victory away from a return to the World Series, but it wasn’t to

be: Hyun-jin Ryu was hittable early, the Brewers racked up the doubles, and their bullpen held

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the Dodgers scoreless from the moment Wade Miley left the game until Game 7was over.We’ll have a decisive Game 7 on Saturday night, and the Brewers will have themselves a fully

rested Josh Hader and Joakim Soria to follow their best starter, Jhoulys Chacin. A frustrating

loss for the Dodgers, but they do still have Game 7 to atone and return to the Fall Classic, as

if Game 7 never happened.

We live blogged the whole game, so if you want to catch up or relive it blow-by-blow, you can do

so below.

Dodgers vs. Brewers Game 7 NLCS Live Results
Hello, it’s Marc Normandin here to live blog us all through the postseason. Want to read this

live blog from the beginning? Scroll down to the “1st inning” marker and work your way back up!

9th inning: The Dodgers have three outs left to avoid a Game 7, but they now need to score at

least five runs to make that happen. They’ll have to face Burnes once again: he threw just 12

pitches last inning, and will likely have some wiggle room here to avoid using Hader or Soria,

leaving them both fully rested for Game 7 on Saturday.

It’ll be Joc Pederson, Yasiel Puig, and whichever player on the Dodgers’ bench pinch-hits for

Rich Hill this inning. Pederson strikes out on four pitches, and man, Burnes can bring it. Two

outs left for the Dodgers in Game 7.