Is there a good time to bet and how we can benefit from it?

By Max
Mar. 26, 2019

Many of you are wondering if there is a better time to bet in the full year. Can big competitions or the end of championships make you win more? Or is it better to bet at the beginning of the championship? I am trying to answer you in this article.

When is the right time to bet, and what is the wrong time?
In every sport, there is a championship. This championship necessarily has a beginning, an end and an "in between" (the middle of the championship). What you need to know is that each of these periods has its own specificities. And it's not necessarily easy for the average gambler to break through, so he doesn't find the right time to bet. You probably already played the first days of the championship. It's possible it was a disaster. The same goes for your sports bets on the last matches of the championship. Two catastrophic periods for you while you have made profits between these two periods. This is because the other periods require different research, different analysis.

In basketball, at the end of the season, we talk about tanking. This means that teams drop games if they have nothing left to lose. This allows them to have the lowest possible ranking in order to benefit from better draft rounds and therefore perhaps benefit from the "future" Jordan or Kobe Bryant.
In tennis, the Davis Cup is not always conducive to the arrival of tenors for various reasons. There may be a Davis Cup round behind a GC tournament or simply a player's fatigue. For some sports, there are also specific periods that take place during the championship. For example, the 6-nation rugby tournament takes a lot of players from some teams and therefore during doubles (championships and 6-nation tournament) it poses staffing problems.
Do these moments benefit the bettors or the bookmakers?

There are two schools of thought that are in conflict:
- those who say that these opportune moments are to the advantage of the bettors
- those who say they are the advantage of bookmakers
I wouldn't decide for either one. For me, the bookmaker will think about the mass of bettors (they adapt these sporting odds according to the amount of money that is bet on one team or the other) while the bettors will think personally for himself what necessarily has nothing to do with it.

A seasoned gambler will be able to take advantage of these opportune moments to take advantage of the opening of markets, for example, while the mass of bettors will not necessarily identify these values. He will know how to bet before the bookmakers change the odds following the bets of many bettors and the latest information officially released.

The most striking example is when a reputable tipster takes a bet for himself, the odds will not move. On the other hand, when he puts it in public, the mass of bettors who follow him will drop the odds and therefore the value will tend to decrease or even disappear (if you react too late or if it is a niche market). With experience, you will know these opportune moments and you will be able to anticipate them and therefore benefit from the values. Finding values is the core in the betting war, although it is often a complicated concept for new gamblers to understand.